IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-05-11

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jaegerargh, you updated rust after02:44
jaegerhrmm, why does rust have no maintainer line?02:49
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frinnstit doenst?06:02
frinnstit was just released06:02
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frinnsthmm, rust failed to build at work - building in /tmp with 16gb space12:14
frinnstdidnt exactly see what the error was other than lots of missing files but I suspect out of space12:14
frinnstisnt that lovely?12:14
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jaegeroddly a bunch of ports failed in stage1 of my bootstrap last night saying /usr/bin/python was missing13:24
jaegerwhat the hell13:24
jaegerah, pkgadd failed to add it to the stage13:25
jaegerpkgadd: could not read /usr/src/iso/ports/opt/python/python#2.7.15-1.pkg.tar.xz: Unknown error -113:25
jaegerthat's useful13:25
frinnstI started 4 storage vmotions at the same time on a 1gbit link13:34
frinnstto 10gbit13:34
frinnstnot my brightest idea ever13:34
frinnstmeanwhile "microsoft technical support" just called my boss. they need to fix his viruses13:36
frinnstACTION is watching live13:36
john_cephalopodaI read "vomitons" instead of "vmotions".13:38
frinnstthe link is 97% saturated13:45
frinnst[zenoss] ua1-enc01-sw05 interface utilization at 94.6%13:46
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jaegerouch, heh15:07
frinnstfinally getting 10g switches for the test env15:15
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jaegerLooks like xorg-xf86-input-mouse is broken now in 3.4, maybe by the xorg update?15:50
jaegerI don't see a newer version of the driver so maybe just needs a patch15:50
jaegeradding -Wno-error=implicit-function-declaration would likely get it to build, not sure if that causes any issues, though15:51
jaegerI've got a 3.4 install on which I can test, though15:51
jueI'm on the way to produce an updated ChangeLog, will commit it soon16:21
juejaeger: kernel is 4.14.40?16:34
jaegerIt's .34 currently but I'll update it to .40, might as well17:19
jueChangelog updated17:22
jueI'm sorry, but my time is very limited these days and I cannot help much with our current release17:25
jueI'll be out of town beginning next Sunday for 2 weeks, but will try to be online partly17:28
juejaeger: I've seen the new branch 3.4 in iso.git and committed to this branch, hope this was correct17:30
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jaegeryep, that's good18:41
jaegerjue: next sunday being 2 days from now or the one after that?18:41
juesadly 2 days from now18:46
jaegerok, fixed up xorg-xf86-input-mouse in 3.4, starting a new bootstrap19:02
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