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Romstermy work has been so busy and hellish, didn't get out of bed until 11am saturday.01:32
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jaegerRomster: sorry to hear it03:15
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Romsterit is what it is jaeger, i have to deal with it.05:15
Romsteri get to the weekend and i don't feel like doing much as a result. think we all been there.05:16
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frinnstwonder what will break if we update dokuwiki on crux.nu11:31
frinnstjue: you switched to php7 in 3.4, right=11:32
frinnst2. PHP version 5.6 or later11:33
frinnstshould be alright i guess11:33
frinnstneed to poke charlie to get a vpn to ipmi setup again11:33
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juefrinnst: yep, currently 7.2.512:07
juewrt our wiki, pmwiki btw:12:07
frinnstdoh right12:09
juerunning pmwiki locally here for dokumentation purpose; found only one module that is broken with php 7, thats the numtoc thing12:09
frinnstah yeah we already had problems with that when we migrated to the new server so thats not surprising12:10
juebut I was able to fix that, will upload it to crux.nu12:10
frinnstrebuilding everything now with clang installed. interested to see how much crap is using it instead of gcc12:13
frinnstsilly firefox - requiring clang for oooooooone little feature12:13
frinnst61 betas btw12:14
jueok, numtoc.php is in place on and works12:24
frinnstsweet. waiting for charlie to give us ipmi vpn access then i'll look into upgrading the server to 3.412:25
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juehere's the diff without whitespaces ->
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jaegerlatest bootstrap has finished, building the new kernel now. Will do some quick boot and install tests14:33
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jaegerOK, no problems with the latest build15:49
jaegerjue: is a list of packages in the ISO tree for comparison with the changelog15:51
jaegerI didn't see anything wrong but figured I'd share it just in case15:53
jueyep, no difference16:11
jueI have a similar list to create the ChangeLog, thus it was easy with a little sed to diff both16:14
jaegerok :)16:14
jaegerI'm happy with the current state of 3.416:19
juesame, no problems at all16:21
jueprobably time for the release :)16:23
jueI'm off for lunch now, but back in around 2 hours16:25
jaegerWhere are you that it's lunch time? :)16:26
jaegerNo objections here, seems like it's ready16:26
jaegerI'm AFK for a little bit as well, it's almost lunch time here :P16:26
juewell, it's lunch and dinner together :)16:28
frinnstill be afk for ~2-3hrs16:41
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jaegerwelcome back18:43
juethanks :)18:51
juejaeger: the iso is ready, right?18:54
jaegerI think so, yes. We don't put the changelog on it so I don't think I need to rebuild it18:55
juefine, I'd see let's go18:55
jaegerSure :)18:56
juegood, I'll looks over the docs at crux.nu18:57
jaegerok, should I go ahead and update the changelog date?18:57
jaegeroh, wait, I do need to do one rebuild18:58
jaegerto make sure the latest handbook and releasenotes are included18:58
jueI didn't change any of them so far19:00
jaegerI think the only change is the kernel version in releasenotes19:01
jaegeryeah, I had the older releasenotes on that build, new one is ready19:05
jaegerdocs look ok?19:08
jueyes, think so, just saw that we have to add the release date to the ChangeLog19:11
jueany new wrt installation/bootkernel?19:12
jaegernothing really feature-wise, no19:14
jueand to answer your question from above, yes, please go ahead and update the changelog date :-)19:15
frinnstanything needs doing by me?19:18
jaegerwant to write the announcement? I'm making a torrent and checking it19:19
frinnstsure, its been a while for me19:19
jaegerok, crux-3.4.torrent is uploaded to my homedir on and I'm seeding19:22
frinnst looks ok?19:26
frinnstforgot to include a download link, unless someone points out something wrong within 20 seconds i'm posting it :>19:27
jaegerNo objections from me, looks alright19:28
jueyeah, lokks good19:28
jaegerI'm uploading to the mirror now, too19:30
frinnsttook a while but nice work guys! :D19:32
juecould you cp the torrent to ->
jaegeryeah, was just trying to remember where the webroot is now :D19:32
jaegerok, it's there19:33
jaegerdoh, maybe we should have added a note about patience for mirror updates19:40
jaegerThough that could go on the wiki temporarily, I guess19:40
frinnstreplied to the announcement asking for patience :)19:44
jaegerok :)19:45
jaegerISO is on now19:46
jaegersources ISO coming19:46
jaegerwe'll need to remove the cruxbot gag on 3.4 commits and update the default heads for gitweb19:49
jaegerdoes gitolite need any change?19:49
frinnstah right19:51
frinnstlet me check it over19:51
jaegerI guess that gag was a hook in gitolite so those questions overlap19:52
jaegerI found it and can go ahead and fix that if you're not already there19:53
frinnstyeah already pushed19:53
jaegerok, cool19:53
frinnstmade 3.5 the devel branch19:53
jaegerGood deal, that's what I was going to suggest :)19:54
frinnsthope it doesnt shits its pants when 3.5 doesnt exist yet :)19:54
jaegerthe notify hook shouldn't have a problem since it's just a passed arg, I think19:54
jaegerbut the deploy hook, not sure19:54
jueadded tags for the release to core/opt/xorg20:01
jaegerfrinnst: do you need anything from my restore in my homedir? If not I'll go ahead and remove it as it's ~27GB of stuff we probably don't need20:06
jueforgot on which port the tracker status is available?20:07
jaegerdid that merge just hose firefox?20:09
jaegerAh, no, just a funky commit message20:10
frinnstyeah, silly merges from esr20:15
frinnstno, go ahead and nuke it20:15
jaegerok, cool20:15
jaegersource ISO is uploaded20:27
jueyeah, indeed, thanks for the new release, guys :-)20:30
jaegeragreed :D20:30
jueits always a pleasure20:30
jaegerNice work20:31
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