IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-05-14

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frinnstoh how fun, libreoffice is now broken with libidn07:37
frinnstseems like the previous version 1.34 already broke abi, but kept soname. 1.35 "corrected" that07:52
frinnstany objections as to symlinking it to the old soname?07:53
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chinarulezzzHello all,18:11
chinarulezzzThe cruxbot did not notified about all commits in contrib repo.18:12
chinarulezzzAlso I've got some errors when I have pushed the commits:18:16
chinarulezzz 18:16
frinnst2 separate issues. the "error" you get when you commit is safe to ignore, there just isnt a 3.5 branch yet18:38
frinnstcruxbot is probably on drugs again and needs a restart18:39
chinarulezzz:) Thanks.18:43
chinarulezzzIs there anywhere its source code to view?18:43
frinnst(yes, thats a TLD)18:46
frinnstits probably already fixed upstream18:47
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onoderacore/file fails to build for me19:12
onoderarm: cannot remove '/usr/src/pkg/wrk/file/src/file-5.33': Directory not empty19:12
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jaegerhrmm, not seeing that here with either fakeroot or root build19:31
onoderamaybe I have some dependency that generated man paged in $PKG/usr/share/man/man419:38
jaegerasciidoc or similar, maybe?19:45
onoderaso I just tried it again, and now it doesn't fail19:56
onoderavery weird.....19:57
jaegerheh, odd19:58
chinarulezzzApropos about KISS. Are there any reasons to keep *.la files in the system?)20:24
john_cephalopodaIt's more simple and stupid to keep them than to write a script that deletes them ;)20:32
john_cephalopodaLooks like that's some libtool stuff.20:33
chinarulezzzyep :)20:34
chinarulezzzmay be a rule to write Pkgfiles with deleting these?20:34
chinarulezzzlike --disable-nls20:35
john_cephalopodaIirc crux claims to have no NLS, so adding that would make sense.22:26
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