IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-05-16

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frinnstDemote e2fsprogs in debian packaging from Essential: yes to XB-Important: yes (Addresses Debian Bug #474540)20:31
frinnstcool. ext4 is really starting to make room for other filesystems to take over20:31
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pedjacongrats on 3.420:52
jaegernice, nvidia updated the long lived branch to support xorg-server 1.20 today20:54
jaegerpedja: thanks20:54
pedjajaeger, so is it time to unleash libglvnd on unsuspecting masses :) ?20:55
jaegerWorth some testing, at least20:56
pedjaafter almost 2 weeks offline, I have some caching up to do20:58
pedjacatching up, too20:58
pedjasmashing 40mm of concrete into pieces with 5kg hammer has a weird therapeutic effect21:00
pedja(long story)21:01
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