IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-05-20

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j_v3.4's contrib/doxygen/.footprint is missing01:50
j_vsomething weird seems to have happened to some of the contrib ports during 3.3 to 3.4 merges, possibly starting in February. As a guess, it could be a git post-receive or post-update hook, though it's hard to tell.02:06
j_vSeveral of the ports I took over were missing various files that existed in the 3.3 branch, but disappeared on or around 18FEB2018 "Merge branch '3.3' into '3.4'".02:13
j_vI'll try to look harder to see if I can find more missing files... perhaps what ever caused the occurance no longer exists now anyways.02:16
j_vI was initially wondering if it could have been a hdd issue, but would have thought that that would propigate more.02:18
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j_vNear as I can tell, after the doxygen footprint is restored, that should be all of the missing files taken care of.02:30
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frinnstwhats up with mesa3d love for mako? Depndency keeps creeping up and then disappearing11:17
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