IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-05-26

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onodera /whois firasuke12:15
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frinnstthoughts about steffens patches for iana-etc?14:27
frinnstwe could easily include the comments for each port but that would be very noisy14:29
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pedjais anything actually using them? iirc, nmap and wirehark ship with their own14:56
frinnststuff like ftp servers relied on it last time i set one up14:57
frinnstthat was a few years ago though :)14:57
frinnstbut lots of legacy stuff like tftp etc does14:57
pedjaGentoo has something similar for pci/usb ids last time I checked15:02
pedjaonce upon a time I also pulled protocols/services from FreeBSD (can't remember why), so I like that idea :)15:06
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frinnstlspci -Q exists16:25
frinnstand update-pciids obviously16:27
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