IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-05-31

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frinnstWorkster: i noticed mtr screws up the footprint if built with fakeroot. Maybe a manual chmod in the pkgfile might be useful?09:11
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teK_Workster: I'd still prefer you gtting in touch at least *after* touching my ports22:37
Worksteri am extremly busy, when i get some time frinnst, open bug reports or i'll forget about it23:44
WorksterteK_, i opened bug reports for llvm and clang ages ago i got told to go ahead and apply the patches/updates.23:45
WorksterteK_, your vlc is broken i don't have the log with me currently, why is it not using a later ffmpeg i want to drop ffmpeg-compat and why is it not using qt5 yet? i see it is capable of using later ffmpeg and qt now.23:46
Worksterafk so much work on and i got customers waiting on me23:46
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