IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-06-01

jaegerteK_: how's it going? you've been gone a lot lately, seems like02:22
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pedjabash-4.4.23.patch.gz is missing, apparently15:12
pedjaweirdly, it's in the .signature15:14
pedjadid git eat it somehow?15:14
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juehello, guys, I'm back at home :)16:21
jaegerwelcome back16:31
pedjajue, were you away on business, or were you sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere all this time :) ?16:38
pedjanot that you couldn't combine the two16:39
pedjathe key to 'surviving' 2 weeks offline was beer. lots and lots of beer.16:42
juejaeger: thx16:44
juepedja: it's more like business but with one or another beer :)16:46
pedjawell, you have to hydrate, right?16:47
pedjathe recommended daily intake is 2l of *fluid*, not water, so beer qualifies16:49
pedja(that's the excuse my friend uses when his SO complains that he drinks a lot, btw)16:50
juefrinnst: btw, thx for taking over pulseaudio17:08
juewould be nice to have your consolekit port in opt as well ;)17:08
jaegerjue: have you seen the recent mails about upstream patch changes for bash?17:27
juejaeger: sorry, no18:32
juecorrection, I saw them18:34
jaegerI was wondering what you and frinnst thought. I don't have a preference, seems trivial to go either way from our standpoint18:35
jueyeah, my thoughts as well18:36
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frinnstyeah I havent been following it. its the beep thingy right? i think we have a FS# for it21:26
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frinnstmesa3d 18.1 fails to build without mako21:49
frinnstits not the first time mesa has shit the bed without mako but the requirement has always been removed after a while. Emailed the branch maintainer to get a clarification21:50
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jaegerfrinnst: not a beep thing, it's upstream bash patches being -p1 or -p022:11
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jaegerIf you two both agree I'll respond that we don't have a preference22:25
frinnstoh right. yeah I couldnt care less :-)23:10
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