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pedjafor reference, beep thing is fs#1647 :)11:33
pedjafrinnst, ever got error 32 when mounting btrfs?11:35
pedjanot really helpful error message 'wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock, missing codepage or helper program, or other error' :)11:36
frinnstnot that i recall. multi dev fs? or just one partition?12:07
frinnstdoes btrfs dev scan solve it?12:09
pedjatwo partitions12:10
pedjaI ran scrub on it, no errors12:10
pedjaI'll try scan later12:11
pedjamounts and works fine when I boot the 42.3 VM, but fails when I try to upgrade to Leap 15. weird12:13
pedjaI probably missed setting something up when I added that second partition, but can't figure out what12:15
frinnstscan should run on boot or with suse there is probably a tonne of magic that invokes it12:56
frinnstmy guess would be that you are mounting a fs with a newer featureset on an older kernel. but since you are upgrading that doesnt make sense12:56
frinnst#btrfs might be useful12:57
frinnstlots of helpful people in there12:57
pedja42.3 VM does have a newer kernel than 15.0, but it's mounted with just defaults in fstab13:01
frinnstah then its probably down to that. the filesystem was created with a newer feature set (zstd support for example)13:02
pedjahm. you might be right. how do I check that? and can I downgrade or something?13:04
frinnstdont think so, but not sure. btrfs is still very much "use the latest kernel and userspace"13:04
pedjaoriginal fs was created with 4.4.x, but I don't remember what was on it when I added the second partition13:05
pedja15.0 comes with 4.12 kernel, but they do backport a lot of stuff :)13:06
frinnsttbh im not sure this is actually the cause13:08
frinnstlast I remember of backwards compatability breakage was with skinny metadata in 3.10 (according to the url above)13:08
pedjaI'll boot it from a dvd and try to mount it from shell. maybe dmesg will give me some clue why it breaks13:11
pedjaand frinnst, thanks for the help :)13:11
pedjayay, another learning opportunity13:13
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