IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-06-03

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frinnstrebooting the server13:26
jaegernew kernel?14:06
frinnst4.91 to 4.9.10514:07
frinnstI'd rather have kvm access before running a newer one. Dont want to drive 300km to reboot a server :-)14:08
frinnstand set up some iptables magic14:09
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rmullRomster: contrib/glibmm could use a bump17:29
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jaegeroops, in 3.4 elfutils is still in both opt and core. going to remove it from opt20:22
frinnstmust have been added by a merge. im 99.999% sure i removed it21:07
jaegereasy to fix, at least21:07
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