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frinnstRomster, teK_, pedja take a look at FS#166608:46
frinnstwould be nice to move away from qt4 unless someone wants to maintain it08:46
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pedjasince I am stuck with it because of natron (VFX industry is a conservative bunch), I'll take a look, but I'll need to (finally) update to 3.4 first :)10:48
pedjaunfortunately, qt5 isn't a drop-in replacement for it, one of the major tasks for qgis3 was port from qt4 to qt510:49
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pedjathat was fun18:42
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pedjaI am glad to report that method still works (with some tweaks) :)18:43
jaegerdid you update it with the tweaks? :)18:44
pedjawiki page? don't have an account18:47
pedjaonly difference is squashfs vs rootfs, all other steps are pretty much identical18:50
pedjaI had to poweroff the machine manually, since run/initctl was gone, but that's it18:54
jaegeryou can symlink /dev/initctl to /run/initctl18:55
pedjaif I remembered that, I could :)18:56
pedja2 usb sticks, 4 usb ports, but no, it just won't boot18:58
pedjajust sits there. I gave up after 10 minutes of waiting19:00
jaegerI think I missed something between the usb comments and the upgrade19:02
pedjaI tried to do the upgrade the proper way first, but that didn't work, hence the hackish way :)19:04
jaegerOh, ok19:04
pedjasorry for the confusion19:05
pedjanot a lot of breakage so far. ~20 ports out of 200019:07
juejaeger: have you seen the message from Steffen wrt ISO and init?19:10
jaegeryes, though I forgot to look into it19:21
jaegerI didn't have any objections to the idea of it, need to test19:25
juewhat do you think about the iana-etc update?19:30
jueI vague remember that we had such a discussion a long time ago but could not find anything in my old mails19:32
jueI think we stick with our short services file because of performance thoughts, but I'm not sure19:34
jaegerIs there any tangible performance difference? In general I don't object to updating it19:36
juesorry, don't know but depends how often the file is scanned19:37
jueit's a shame that we do not have a searchable archive of crux-devel19:42
jueanyways, I opt for the update as well19:44
juefrinnst: what do you think?19:44
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frinnstim running the iana-etc update since it was posted21:00
frinnstworks for me too21:00
frinnstshall I push it?21:00
frinnstsince everyone seems to agree i'll push it :-)21:06
frinnstbtw, when we no longer backport stuff to 3.3, shall we drop md5sums?21:07
jaegerI don't think it would hurt to drop them, seems like having both methods is superfluous21:17
frinnstyeah for core, opt, xorg, compat-32, contrib21:22
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frinnsthuh tracker wasnt running on crux.nu22:13

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