IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-06-07

Worksterlooks like pedja has qt4 sorted?01:08
jaegerAnyone want to test libglvnd, mesa3d, and nvidia ports for me? (for libglvnd setup)02:13
jaegerlibglvnd replaces some of mesa3d's files and gl-select is no longer needed02:15
jaegerEven if you don't use nvidia stuff, the libglvnd and mesa3d ports could use testing02:28
jaegerSo far it's working great for me on the ryzen system with GTX 1060, even some gaming in wine-pba/wine-staging02:44
jaegerI'll test it on an intel device next02:44
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frinnstbtw mako is here to stay for mesa3d 18.110:23
jaegerfigured it would be after your last comments... more deps, yay13:46
jaegerthe glvnd stuff seems to work fine on intel as well15:53
frinnstyeah. guess we could add pre & post scripts adding and removing the build-time deps :)16:22
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