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pedjaWorkster, well it builds, at least :)12:21
pedjaI'll attach the patch to fs#1666 shortly, so someone else can test it12:22
pedjajaeger, is this relevant for libglvnd?
pedjathe 'these drivers still require replacing the server's with ours' part13:28
pedjahaven't checked the Changelog for current drivers, perhaps it was fixed13:31
jaegerpedja: I don't think so, seems like the 390 series works just fine without that... but that's 340, as far as I can tell, despite the thread title13:40
pedjaperhaps I misread that13:42
pedjaI'll try to test it over the weekend with 396.x driver13:43
jaegerSo far I've tested with 390.67 on 2 systems as well as the libglvnd and mesa tweaks on an intel system, no problems yet13:55
pedjaI always forget to re-run gl-config, so :)13:57
jaegerI guess that thread is actually about two separate versions, now that I read more closely13:58
jaegerIt's early, I'm not awake yet :)13:58
jaegerbut with that said, 390.67 seems fine13:58
pedjayeah, that's how I read it.14:02
pedjaI have to reinstall nvidia anyway, I've broken Vulkan14:03
pedja(forgot to include new and shiny spirv compiler lib)14:04
pedjadamn it, libvirt is still broken. wth it tries to link with libs from installed version idk14:05
jaegerThat sounds annoying14:07
pedjait is :)14:11
pedjanow I have to remove the previous version before building the update14:12
pedjaI asked on the upstream ml few months ago, no replies14:12
pedjaalways fails at the same spot, qemu connection driver14:13
pedjaI attached a qt4 patch to fs#1666, if anyone wants to test it.16:01
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frinnsthmm if crux fails to boot and enters single-mode - initctl seems to be missing from /run19:26
frinnstcan someone else replicate this?19:26
frinnstnot sure how it would happen. /run is mounted by start_udev which runs very early19:46
frinnstteK_: gnupg CVE-2018-1202019:54
frinnsthmm i suppose this umounts /run:21:27
frinnst        echo "Automatic reboot in progress..."21:27
frinnst        /bin/umount -a -r21:27
frinnst/bin/umount -r -t <list of all fucking filesystems> i guess is the best way to fix it. unless we patch umount to exclude tmpfs21:31
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