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juefrinnst: have you tried to combine '-a' with '-t notmpfs'? Not tested, dunno if it works.09:42
frinnstnot yet. I'll need to get a vm up to 3.4. I encountered it on a rpi which is somewhat a pain to debug on since It doesnt have a screen attached :-)09:43
jueok, sounds like fun :)09:45
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frinnsthm, think i found a 3.4 iso bug. we are not injecting elfutils which is required to build the shipped kernel09:57
frinnstteK_: pushed the gnupg update10:11
frinnstjue: -a -t tmpfs -r works10:18
frinnstsort of.. hmm10:19
frinnstno it's not that. it just doesnt seem to get created on most attempts10:34
juefrinnst: guess it should be '-t notmpfs', see umount(8)10:36
frinnstyeah I tested both just to be sure. when i tried -t tmpfs initctl remained in /run. but it seems to remain10:37
frinnstand also, it shouldnt matter anyways because I cant read - "umount -a -r" only runs during automatic reboot10:38
frinnstand just exiting the rescue shell reboots the system anyways10:39
frinnstbut you still cant change runlevel if fsck fails10:43
frinnstif you want to try it - just add some bogus fstab entry with fsck enabled10:47
pedjarun/initctl was missing when I did in-place upgrade to 3.4, so I couldn't power off/reboot the proper way10:48
juefrinnst: sorry, too busy with other things right now, maybe next week13:08
juepedja: that's expected, they changed the location of the FIFO from /dev/initctl to /run/initctl13:15
pedjajue, it was a fun WTH moment :)13:16
pedjacould I've have used mknod to recreate it?13:18
jueadding a symlink would be the best fix13:19
pedjaah, yes, jaeger mentioned it.13:20
pedjabut I don't have 'dev/initctl'. hm13:21
frinnstno now its in /run13:26
frinnstsry didnt read it all :-)13:37
pedjaI read the words, but don't understand what they mean, apparently13:37
frinnsttoo hot to use brain13:38
frinnstafk - 3pm beer13:38
pedjait rains here, finally13:38
pedjabeer o'clock13:38
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teK_frinnst: ok14:52
frinnstah you are around! :D14:52
teK_because I was about to push a gnupg update ;-)14:53
teK_just came back from Tel Aviv. Nice city. Def. a recommendation :]14:54
pedjais it true that it's crazy expensive?15:01
teK_Food was ok. For the rest: I was invited all the time. The organic super market, I had to visit because I forgot my deodorant, was quite expensive, though.15:09
jaegerwelcome back15:14
jaegerI might end up going to Tel Aviv some day due to work but we'll see :)15:14
pedjait's a big hub for US companies, afaik. google, ms, oracle, fb15:16
teK_been visiting MS in Herzliya15:16
pedjaI bet they have some pretty cool toys15:18
teK_like a meeting room with glass walls that can be made opaque by pressing a button?15:22
pedjalike MacGyver war room :)15:23
teK_I did see pens but threads in the room15:33
teK_*but no threads15:33
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