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j_vbin86/dev86 development seems to have been abandoned by lkundrak ( There is a more recent fork that may be worth looking into and seems to getting some attention from rdebath (one of the earlier maintainers) at I maintain the contrib/dev86 port. I still need time to do some review of this fork, but I thought it might be good to bring it up03:57
j_vsince the current source mirror seems to be unresponsive.03:57
j_vand core/bin86 comes from the same code base.04:35
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pedjaj_v, virtualbox is using bin/dev86, right?15:24
pedjaI think I saw it listed as a dep in arch package15:29
j_vpedja, yeah, that's about the only thing right now. prt-get dependent --all --recursive dev86 showed only virtualbox15:39
pedjamaybe it is time to move it out of core, then15:42
jaegerit's in contrib, not core15:42
jaeger(not the same as bin86)15:43
jaegerWell, not the same port, I mean15:43
jaegerlilo uses bin86, dunno if anything else does15:43
jaegerthough I'd say bootloaders don't need to live in core, either15:43
j_vI had thought that the kernel needed bin86, but grepping a recent kernel directory doesn't return any hits...15:44
pedjajaeger, sorry. I thought they are basically the same, dev86 only shipping more binaries.15:45
jaegerWell, they might be. I haven't looked at the differences. I just mean that bin86 is in core, dev86 is in contrib15:45
pedjathat was my train of thought. if there is basically no difference, and nothing is using bin86, it maybe should be moved from core15:48
jaegerAh, ok. Sorry for the confusion, then15:49
pedjabut since frinnst's favorite lilo is using it...never mind :)15:49
pedjaI am curious. why do you think boot-loaders shouldn't be in core?15:52
jaegerchoice of bootloader is subjective but it's expected that all of core be installed16:54
jaegerI hardly ever use lilo, for example16:54
jaegerIt doesn't hurt me to have it in core but it's not of any benefit to me, either16:54
j_vThat view makes sense to me. For instance, I prefer to use syslinux.17:01
j_vI am not particularly set on where bootloader ports should reside, but then if syslinux wasn't on the iso, I might feel differently.17:02
jaegerIt's certainly not a hill upon which I want to die, but comes up every now and then17:09
j_vI like the analogy17:12
j_vI will be heading out on the road for work again on Thursday. No idea when I will be home again. At least I have my laptop fixed up and loaded with 3.4, so should be able to keep up with changes.17:19
jaegerHope your travels go smoothly17:19
j_vThanks. It's a bit of a crap shoot, but unfortunately necessary. Work near home has just not been steady enough, so needs must.17:20
jaegerAh, bummer17:21
jaegerWhat do you do?17:21
j_vI'm an electrician.17:21
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jaegerAnyone tried the libglvnd stuff yet?19:46
j_vjaeger, I was messing with that, but then got busy and forgot to get back to it. Have you got it working for you?19:51
jaegerIt works fine for me on 2 nvidia systems and an intel system. I have not tried optimus/bumblebee yet19:52
j_vHmmm, hopefully I will get time soon. Right now, I'm trying to sort out my texlive fork build breakage after 3.4; not sure I'll have much time before it leave this week.19:55
frinnstlilo is not my favourite!20:38
frinnstI dont think i run it on any system these days. maybe a vm here or there20:38
frinnstbut yeah, bootloaders does not need to live in core. we do need to make sure setup installs a bootloader though20:38
j_vI noticed that debian has shutdown the old alioth server, which is where lilo home was. The server taking it's place is using gitlab and from what I could see, finding stuff that used to be on alioth is not a given.20:45
j_vThe new server address is salsa.debian.org20:46
j_vSearching that site for lilo, I find, which seems to be the most relavent so far.20:51
j_vAh, can also be found at Noticed that looking at the debian/control file at the other link I mentioned.20:58
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