IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-06-13

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juej_v: thanks for the infos about lilo, will update the port07:18
juejaeger: no objections to move lilo to opt, guess it's ok if we do that with the next release07:20
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jaegersure, I don't see why not13:39
jueI've created a TODO35 with that point13:49
jaegersounds good13:51
pedjawhat about fs#1469 (shipping with PAM)?13:51
jaegerIf we gain something from it, I don't mind, but it would be a bit of work13:56
pedja2fa ssh would be cool, but I am not sure that alone is reason enough :)14:01
pedjais it a requirement for FDE? that could be interesting on a laptop, perhaps14:05
pedjafrom a security standpoint, apparmor would be more interesting, but also a lot more work14:11
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frinnstcurrently pam is required for wayland also15:25
frinnstim torn - half of me dont want it near any of my computers15:26
pedjadidn't you feel the same about pulseaudio :) ?15:59
frinnstthats just audio16:27
frinnstand doesnt hook in everywhere16:27
pedjawayland is interesting. too much noise in any discussion about it online to assess how useful it is at the moment16:39
pedjawrt PAM, I have no opinion. it works on VM's I use, but I have no idea how hard or easy is it to integrate it, tweak it or debug it16:47
frinnstI'm inclined to wait with pam17:02
j_vjue: no problem for the info, glad to help. Thanks for the update. Sorry took so long to respond; getting ready for 500+ mile trip tomorrow and temporary job of uncertain duration. I guess that would be about 800+ km if I did the math close enough.17:08
j_vahhh, missed him.17:09
jaegerthere's a learning curve to debugging PAM stacks but it's not terrible17:56
pedjathis might help
pedjaI like his books about ZFS17:59
frinnstcan we please consider adding nobackup to the default vim config19:34
frinnstgod I hate it19:34
frinnstI always forget to turn it off on new installs and boom. thousands of ~ files19:35
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jaegerone of my rpi3s is weirdly out of sync with the other 4, dunno why21:42
jaegerdifferent kernel, older ports, etc.21:42
jaegerI wonder what I was doing there21:43
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