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j_vfrinnst: in vimrc, I alway set the backup, backupdir=~/.vim/backup, undofile, and undodir=~/.vim/undo in my personal vimrc, when I am doing a fresh install. also alias vim to 'vim -u $HOME/.vimrc' so that the global one can leave the *&!~ alone.01:53
j_vanyway, I'm off for a while.01:58
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frinnstyes but I always forget07:22
frinnstbesides, its not a "default" option anyways. but it is included in the example config we use07:23
juefrinnst: well, IMO we should not modify the example config, but we can skip installing it at all08:13
juethough, not tested what will change08:15
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frinnstsame here08:17
jueoh no, vimrc includes defaults.vim, without it we have a rather different vim ;)08:21
frinnstteK__: Im leaving the libgcrypt update to you :-)08:35
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pedjalvm2/libdevmapper are warning about some missing functionality(thin provisioning and caches)11:43
pedjaI don't use it, but the both sound useful to have :)11:45
pedjaenbaling them would require adding 2 new deps, thou11:46
frinnstwhat deps are those?12:45
pedjafrinnst, my bad. lvm2 ships with them, and by default thin and cache are set to 'internal'. confusing warning message, thou14:16
pedjahm. I am confused. Arch has thin and cache set to 'internal' explicitly, and thin-provisioning tools as a lvm2 dependency14:21
pedjaand INSTALL from the source is no help, either14:24
pedjaopenSUSE too has thin-provisioning-tools as a lvm2 dep14:33
pedjawell, fuck. they depend on boost, apparently14:35
pedjaDog I am stupid today (more than usual)14:46
pedja*support* for thin provisioning and caches can be compiled-in(internal), shared, or none. to actually use them, you need thin-provisioning-tools14:47
pedjawhich need boost, which needs...a couple of things :)14:48
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