IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-06-15

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pedjafrinnst, what's the disk quota on zoidberg? I'd like to experiment with restic sftp backend, with a bit of data, to make it more realistic :)13:29
pedjanot a lot of data, obviously13:30
frinnstgo nuts13:41
frinnst2.3TB free so :)13:42
frinnstgns3 is the bee's knees14:20
frinnstbah cisco virl - $199/year14:30
pedjahow are you running gns3? VM they make, or you packaged it?14:43
frinnstim running a esxi appliance at work14:47
pedjaah, nice14:54
pedjaI played with Cisco's Packettracer few months back14:56
pedjawhen I asked their support why I can't login, and I attached pcaps, debug logs to the mail, reply I got, in English even more broken then mine, was 'Try to reinstall it'15:00
pedjait worked fine otherwise, albeit a bit slow15:01
pedjabut I did have to obtain actual labs the...alternative, shall we say, way15:02
pedjanetworking is black magic, anyway15:07
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