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frinnstteK__: syslog-ng seems like a 40413:42
frinnstsry, wrong url :-)13:44
frinnstyuck - looks like a lot of new deps13:54
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pedjajaeger, so far so good with glvnd14:06
pedjaone minor issue, thou. nvidia-settings complains about missing libnvidia_vdpau.so14:07
pedjasymlinking the library in usr/lib/vdpau solves that, hence a minor issue :)14:07
pedjaI used your ports, but bumped mesa to 18.1.114:09
jaegercool, thanks for testing. I'll look at the vdpau lib14:18
frinnstanything needs doing on the mesa port other than using 18.1 ?14:21
frinnstit introduces a few new deps so we'll wait with pushing until 18.1.214:21
jaegerIf we move to libglvnd, it needs very minor changes14:23
pedjafrinnst, what new deps?14:25
pedjaother that bumping to 18.1.1, I haven't touched jaeger's mesa3d port14:27
frinnstmako -> python-setuptools -> python-appdirs,python-packaging,python-pip14:27
pedjadamn :)14:27
frinnstpython-packaging -> python-pyparsing,python-six14:28
frinnstetc etc etc14:28
pedjaah, I have all that installed.14:28
frinnstyou have *everything* installed! :)14:28
pedja2000 ports, my friend14:29
pedjaaccumulated over the years :)14:29
pedjarevdep takes a while...14:31
pedjawebGL works, few apps/games use OpenGL without issues, afaict14:32
pedjafinally, I removed gl-select :)14:32
pedjaopenCL works for darktable, which is nice14:36
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pedjastill can't figure out how to make gegl build with it14:37
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pedjajaeger, here are some modifications to nvidia Pkgfile16:10
pedja396.x is required by cuda-9.1, so I had to upgrade16:11
jaegerwhen we switch to glvnd the nvidia-sl port would be altered to use it, too16:12
pedjaoh, nice16:12
pedjamost of stuff in that paste are fixes for things I came across over time16:16
jaegercool. Some of that is just oversight because I didn't alter the old nvidia port, I rewrote it from scratch. Felt like it was getting a bit messy16:17
jaegerI'll try to update the tarball today in case anyone else gets time to test it16:18
jaegerappreciate the testing and input16:18
pedjawell, I was playing with it for quite some time before, it is about time to start using it full time :)16:19
jaegerAt least it's not hard to play with now that xorg-server 1.20 is out16:19
jaegerWas pretty annoying before, in my opinion16:19
pedjatook them long enough16:20
pedjahopefully, vulkan sdk upstream will do something similar soon, chasing a particular git commit is annoying :)16:22
pedjaah, yes, you know that, with docker and friends :)16:23
jaegerindeed :D16:23
jaegerAt least docker does a decent job of documenting which specific commits are the right ones16:23
jaegerthough they move that documentation periodically :P16:24
pedjavulkan sdk has a script that automagically d/l them16:24
pedjanow its split into 4 repos, none with any release yet16:25
pedjaso what was one port becomes 616:26
pedjaACTION is building mesa-18.1.216:43
pedjaI swear I didn't see it when I looked at mesa3d.org16:44
pedjaspeaking of mesa, I wonder why, afaict, only the openCL drivers are built and not the loader too16:44
pedjanvidia, cuda and ocl-icd provide it, so how is openCL working without any of that port installed? hm16:49
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frinnsthmm seems acl 2.2.53 wants to write outside of our build env21:23
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