IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-06-20

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pedjathe latest acl update is broken, apparently10:29
pedjausr/lib/ symlink, to be exact10:30
pedjafrinnst, could you take a look, after you had a morning coffee, of course :)10:34
frinnstah very right10:35
frinnstthey fixed the build process and I left some old workarounds in place10:38
pedjasome people (not me, obviously) test before pushing. but, where is the fun in that :) ?10:42
frinnstI didnt notice it with revdep either11:18
frinnstremoved the symlinks from /usr/lib and only moved the static crap there. removed the pkgconfig stuff since that was only added in this version11:20
pedjaclaws-mail build fails because of it, otherwise I wouldn't notice it either11:36
pedjayup, it builds now. thanks, frinnst11:41
pedjanow back to debugging polkitd segfault11:41
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juefrinnst: I'd suggest to change the acl port to work in a way similar to libaio, libpcre or several other ports, meaning install into /usr/lib and move the non-devel libs to /lib afterwards; that way the pkgconfig file is working14:37
frinnstsure, have it ready to push?16:47
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juefrinnst: no, but I can do it tomorrow if you like18:38
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