IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-06-24

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frinnstpedja: what was the patch regarding? got any upstream notes? im talking PA here00:26
pedjawhich patch are you referring to? wrong-memset one?00:27
pedjaor which patch was merged upstream?00:30
pedjaapologies for not clear enough commit message for that FS patch.00:40
pedjaiirc, glibc-2.26 patch was cherry picked from git master, and wrong-memset one is for one of the echo-cancellation modules, not too important00:43
pedjafs#1670 works for me, and the intention behind it is to serve as a reference of sorts.00:48
frinnstyeah memset02:04
frinnstbtw it would be a LOT easier to have different patches for each thing. now i need to do everything manually :)02:07
frinnstbtw I like /usr/etc :-)02:07
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pedjafrinnst, yeah, I remember :) hence the 'controversial' comment in FS12:33
pedjaas for splitting it into several patches, it never occurred to me to do it that way, tbh12:38
pedjaI prefer /etc, for consistency. I think I moved almost everything there now12:39
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pedjaRomster, any particular reason contrib/glibmm is still 2.50.0? does 2.56.0 break something?18:06
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frinnstmy bad23:32
frinnstsilly footprints23:32

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