IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-06-25

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Worksterpedja, just haven't got to it yet on my todo list00:59
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pedjaWorkster, ah, OK :) just FYI, I had no issues so far with 2.56.010:59
pedjaWorkster, this might be interesting to you
pedjatl;dr is that some apps/libs can't find boost python library, so libbbost_python27 -> symlink is required11:25
pedjaat least that's what I had to do so openimageio would build11:26
Romsterpedja,  mind you glibmm 2.57.x is a dev version 2.56.x is a stable version12:24
pedjayes, I know12:24
pedjathat's the one I used12:24
Romsteroh right you have to.12:26
Romsteri'll do some work on those12:26
Romsterbeen lots going on12:26
pedjawork? take your time, no hurry :)12:27
Romsterwork life mental health from burnout so i've been more quiet lately.12:32
frinnstrfc: glibc with some minor changes -
frinnstcreates kernel headers on the fly - no need to package them in a tarball (idea stolen from crux-arm). the patch contains our desired paths + everything from glibc-2.27 release to current 2.27 head12:58
frinnstthe same port should work on crux-arm without any modifications12:59
Romsterthat should do for mm related ports pedja13:05
teK__frinnst: will look at syslog-ng tonight; had a hardware breakdown (stupid Windows..) and still no replacement HW in sight13:08
teK__I now have one broken machine to do vmware (CRUX) and online meetings for work and one broken laptop for surfing and Outlook (work) :-)13:24
teK__brigh side: Purchasing ordered my T480s just last week with two weeks of delay13:24
groovy2shoesteK__, are you the opt/texlive maintainer?13:26
teK__yes. its wip wrt fixing/updating13:27
groovy2shoesI've got a working port for 20180414, would you like my files?13:27
groovy2shoesI stole most of the fixes from BLFS  ;)13:27
Romstersome bad luck teK__ hopefully you get it sorted.13:28
teK__groovy2shoes: did you also create the bug report for tl?13:57
teK__if yes, just paste the URL to the patch or the patch itself there13:57
groovy2shoesokay, teK__ !  I uploaded a tarball of the portdir to the report, but I've got it up on my FTP server, too, just in case:
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