IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-06-28

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jueI'm running gdbm 1.15 and now 1.16 with an additional sysmlink to since two week or so without issues09:13
jueand the changelog shows nothing that makes my worried09:14
jueI'd suggest to do the update with that additional symlink, if no one objects I can commit the update?09:16
frinnstsure, go ahead12:36
frinnstbtw mesa3d 18.1.3 should be released tomorrow. 18.0 no longer receives any updates so we should move to that branch. new dep: mako12:37
juehmm, the dependency hell is growing :(13:21
jueRomster: I don't understand the complicated python ports python-setuptools and deps.13:23
jueRomster: are all deps really needed?13:23
jueRomster: why the complicated ports?13:23
jueI don't get it, python-setuptools build just fine without any of the listed deps?13:39
jueFTR, I've removed most of the stuff in the setuptools port13:40
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darfoafaik all the python-setuptools are for bootstrapping. if one is already installed it might work without the deps17:07
darfoer, python-setuptools dependencies17:07
frinnstyeah that rings a bell17:34
jaegeryeah, try building without python already installed, see if it breaks17:37
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juewell, I can build setuptools without having any of it's deps installed17:40
juesure, python must be installed17:41
juecan someone else confirm this, please?17:42
frinnstbuilding now17:43
frinnstiirc romster was struggling with all this in early 3.3. maybe something has changed upstream since?17:44
frinnstyes this works for me: python -> python-setuptools -> mako17:45
frinnstbut there might be other issues. lets wait for what romster has to say17:45
juehere's what I'm using for setuptools ->
jaegerI was on the phone, sorry. Can test now if you still need some more testing17:57
juethanks, please do18:02
jaegerok. have a container up without python installed currently... you want to test that python-setuptools builds using your Pkgfile in that paste?18:04
jueyes, but without the deps18:05
jaegerok, will test18:06
jaegeryeah, seems to work ok for me with python installed first18:21
juegreat, thanks for testing :)18:26
jaegerno problem18:28
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frinnstanybody else see this? traps: gsettings-helpe[624] trap int3 ip:7f25c3a0ca01 sp:7ffd1d9d9a90 error:0 in[7f25c39ba000+116000]22:15
frinnstpa still works so it looks quite cosmetic22:16
jaegerIs it PA-related?22:37
pedjasince gconf/gsettings are used only by paprefs, which we don't have, afaik, disabling that modules should be safe, in theory23:15

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