IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-06-30

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nomiusRomster: Have you upgraded chromium recently?02:45
nomius67.0.3396.99 has been out since a couple of days and 66.x has a few months now02:46
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juefrinnst: still see the crash and this one in /var/log/messages ->
juefrinnst: I've added --disable-gsettings to the port to fix the issue11:25
juefrinnst: well, the better fix is to add the post-install from glib to the pa port :)11:52
frinnstI prefer --disable-gsettings :D13:00
frinnstbut not really feasible13:00
frinnstso mesa3d 18.1.3 is now out. any objections to me pushing the update?15:21
juewould be nice if we could fix setuptools deps before ...15:28
frinnstalright, lets wait for romster to join us15:30
frinnstbtw did you take a look at my glibc port?15:30
jueAFAIK most of the complexity of the setuptools and deps ports are due to the fact that in the past we had a cyclic dependency between pip and setuptools15:31
frinnstsyncs our 2.27 port with upsteams 2.27 branch and no longer uses pre-packaged kernel headers. instead it fetches and installs the headers on the fly. it would help out other archs like arm15:32
juethe patch includes fixes from git?15:35
jueok, just saw that you wrote that already :)15:36
juelooks good, no objections15:36
frinnsti'll let it brew for a week or so more15:44
juewill install/use it tomorrow15:50
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pedjaRomster, any comments on fs#1672?16:29
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prologicAnyone know if you can disable entire sections of a kernel config programatically?17:48
prologiclike CONFIG_DRIVERS_SND.*?17:48
prologicare the config names sectional and consistent?17:49
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frinnstprologic: doubt it but havent looked into it23:13
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