IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-07-01

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Romsteri am taking a look at python-setuptools09:22
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jueRomster: thanks :)10:22
juefrinnst: can you upload 'glibc-2.27-2.patch' somewhere, please?10:23
Romsternomius, no i had issues with later versions crashing and then i got busy and didn't touch any crux stuff for a while now i am fixing stuff up, i'll retest new chromium10:28
Romsterno one else seems keen to touch chromium10:28
Romsterand they changed everything again in the python world, i wish they would make there minds up.10:30
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juefrinnst: found the glibc port in your private repo, thanks11:23
Romsterwhoever is updating mesa3d add python-mako job done.11:38
Romsterafter a ports -u opt of course11:38
Romsterat least now i don't need to bootstrap that was very annoying having that bootstrap and cyclic dependency on pip and setuptools, i feel there will be other ports that depend on these that will need dependencies adjusted for. i'll test for this.11:44
Romsteri have a feeling i'll need to package python stuffs for compat-32 mesa3d-3211:58
frinnstsurely you dont need separate 32bit ports for those?12:01
Romsteri hope not but i will find out when you got mesa3d done12:02
frinnstoh cruxbot is missing?12:07
frinnstgone mute again12:09
pedjaI get Pkgfile signature mismatch with python-six. anyone else?12:11
Romsterseriously i have this scripted and i did the same to all12:20
frinnstyeah, same here actually12:21
pedjaRomster, sha256sum differs, I ran it manually on Pkgfile12:25
pedjaI keep forgetting to update .signature myself all the time, maybe it's time to cobble up some pre-commit script :)12:27
Romsteri did this with a script, so it's very weird how i missed this.12:43
RomsterECUPEMPTY i need to refill my coffee12:48
Romstersignature fix pushed12:48
pedjathank you12:48
Romstertek__, llvm 6.0.1 is out13:02
Romsteri haven't tested yet13:02
jaegerRomster: any objections to adding gobject-introspection to gsettings-desktop-schemas?14:27
Romsterwhat does that fix?14:31
Romsterlooks like i sed that out14:32
jaegerjust footprint mismatches when you have gobject-introspection installed, which a few other things include14:33
Romsteroh so it gets messy with other ports14:34
jaegeryeah, no functional issues I've experienced, just the footprint14:34
Romsterso adding that and removing the sed line right?14:38
Romsterit only adds a few files extra14:38
jaegeryeah, should be pretty straightforward14:39
Romsteri was expecting more than the 2 new files14:39
jaegerI thought it was more, will test again14:40
jaegermaybe it was just 2 files and their dirs14:40
jaegerok, yeah, that was it14:42
jaegerThanks, appreciate it14:42
Romsteryeah seems rather small14:46
Romsterno problem14:46
Romsteri need sleeps14:46
Romsternearly 1am14:46
jaegertake care14:46
Romsterwill do later.14:47
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jaegerRomster: later, when you're back, same request for libgudev (if you don't mind)16:39
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