IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-07-05

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frinnstwonder if the 3.5 ISO will break the 1gb barrier :/17:44
jaegerif not 3.5, maybe 3.617:59
jaegermaybe we should revive the netinst ISO as an official option18:00
pedjasystemd taking up that much space?18:06
jaegerI was thinking firefox, cargo, rust, llvm, clang, whatever other new deps we have to get in there :P18:07
pedjastill way less then openSUSE 3.9Gb ISO18:24
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pedjanetinst ISO would be cool. I'll still end up doing the upgrade the hard way, thou :)18:57
pedjawhen I say 'the hard way', I mean this
pedjaI get why the Firefox is using rust, but there is no way in hell I'll build it just to update librsvg19:00
pedjajaeger, btw, no issues so far with libglvnd.19:03
pedjait's interesting that some applications using cmake to build default to legacy openGL when they detect it, but that's the upstream application issue19:04
jaegerpedja: glad to hear it19:40
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pedjais getting rid of .md5sum on the TODO for 3.5?19:53
frinnstve actually started20:11
frinnstsurprised nobody has noticed20:11
pedjaI just saw harfbuzz commit20:19
jaegerfrinnst: I noticed because it confused my ISO build :)20:21
jaegeron mesa20:21
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frinnstsorry :-)21:25
frinnstnothing too hard to work around I hope?21:25
jaegerno, just had to remove the old .md5sum21:28
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