IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-07-06

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Romsteri've noticed .md5sum files going but i haven't said anything09:56
Romsterno rush to push python to 3.7.x10:00
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prologicAre the original shell scripts pkgadd pkgrm etc still around somewhere?16:14
prologicThe old pkgutils before we rewrite it in C?16:15
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jaegerthey're still in current pkgutils, and in git17:44
jaegerwell, pkgmk is17:45
jaegerI don't know that pkgadd/pkgrm were ever shell, though I might be wrong17:45
jaegerAre python-mako and python-setuptools the only things I need to add to packages.opt now?23:46
frinnstjue added some notes for 3.5 in the wiki todo23:48
frinnstlooks like, yeah23:49
jaegerah, cool23:52
jaegerinteresting... I don't have markupsafe in the build env but no errors23:53

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