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Romsteri dunno jaeger i could but it's not many ports that could be patched?08:21
jaegerdon't worry about it, it's only one in my case13:33
juehmm, looks like new iptables 1.8.0 depends on libnftlnl15:03
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frinnstnot a dependency that will go away i'm afraid17:19
frinnstnftables uses it too17:19
dlcusajue, seems to have recently gone AWOL--any clue what's going on?18:41
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frinnstlooks like they have some hostingproblems. resolves gives a servfail18:58
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frinnstregarding xkeyboard-config - any reason we are not on 2.24? I forget.. :-)20:47
jaegerNo idea here20:47
jaegeror I should say none of which I'm aware20:47
frinnstchangelog looks calm. I'll just push the update20:49
jaegerspeaking of x stuff, I'd love to switch to glvnd soon20:50
frinnsthow does that affect non-nvidia hardware? have to be honest, im not really up to date on it20:51
jaegerThe idea behind it is that it's vender neutral (the vn part) so it replaces mesa's libGL and libGLX, basically20:51
jaegerthen you can have multiple vendor drivers installed at the same time without having to do stupid shit with like gl-select does20:52
jaegerIf you're currently using a non-proprietary driver, you should see no change whatsoever in terms of performance or function20:52
jaegerjust organization around which package owns libs20:52
frinnstwhat needs changing?20:52
jaegerIf you use nvidia, you can install it without gl-select and not worry about moving anything20:53
jaeger <-- there's the diff for mesa20:54
jaegerthe nvidia ports get rewritten a bunch and there's a new port, libglvnd20:54
jaegerthere are ports at but I need to update them20:55
frinnstcool with me. Wanna add it for 18.1.4 or something?20:56
jaeger <-- just updated, would you mind giving it a try?20:56
jaegeryou just install libglvnd and mesa3d, ignore nvidia20:56
jaegerI'd be ok with adding it to 18.1.4 but would also love to hear if it works for you too :)20:57
jaegerIt works fine for me with nvidia and intel hardware. I have no AMD GPUs to test20:57
jaegernvidia using proprietary drivers, intel using the open source stuff20:57
frinnstadding libglvnd might be somewhat problematic since it wants to take ownership of some mesa3d stuff in the port db. needing the user to force it20:58
jaegertrue, could be a little annoying20:59
jaegerremoving mesa3d and then installing them both works but yeah, not convenient20:59
frinnstlicense looks ok too. nvidia stuff scares me :-)21:01
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