IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-07-11

dlcusajue, frinnst, is serving up its pages again, so I guess they haven't let their domain lapse.00:22
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juefrinnst: found an announcement for xkeyboard-config 1.23.1 in february this year, but nothing for 1.24 at xorg-announce07:57
jueguess they forgot that ;)07:57
frinnstthat explains it :-)07:57
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jue"Malware found in the Arch Linux AUR repository" ->
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crash_maybe it's the same people that put malware in ubuntus snaps a while back :P20:09
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frinnstread that earlier. didnt look that advanced. a package had gone unmaintained. someone took it over and added a bunch of crap22:29
frinnstits like someone adding a malicious port that we list in portdb22:30
pedjamisspelled acroread package doesn't look like a very good attack vector. who the hell uses Adobe Reader these days?22:57
frinnstwe recently removed it from contrib23:01
frinnstit was one of sepens ports iirc23:01
pedjaget some sleep before the seagulls start to party :)23:02
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