IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-07-12

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jaegerI've changed the portdb cacher to run every 6 hours... I thought it was running once a day but the crontab seemed to be running it every hour now instead. I figured 6 hours is a decent compromise. If you guys want it to run every hour I can switch it back, just seemed overkill02:49
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dlcusajue, frinnst, is serving up its pages again, so I guess they haven't let their domain lapse.04:49
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frinnstMesa 18.1.4 is planned for release this Friday, July 13th, at or around 10 AM12:16
frinnstjue did you see the glvnd discussion?12:16
jueyeah, read it12:18
juebut didn't test anything12:19
frinnstwe cant do it with a simple install. ugly hacks are needed12:20
jueyou mean a forced install of glvnd before the mesa update?12:21
frinnstafk again12:22
pedjaI'd also suggest advising to reset gl-select to xorg and removing gl-select before that.12:37
pedjamaybe in the announcement to the CRUX ML?12:39
pedjafor nvidia users, of course, the switch should go smoothly with open source drivers12:40
pedjaiirc, nvidia-sl port would need a bit of tweaking (some library symlinks are missing atm)12:47
jaegerit would need a rewrite14:17
jaegerthe compat-32 versions as well14:17
Romsteri'm stuck to using the nvidia- sl nvidia-sl-32 versions due to xorg update, until nvidia catches up on there long term/stable version14:30
dlcusajue, frinnst, is serving up its pages again, so I guess they haven't let their domain lapse.14:32
jaegerRomster: non-sl is working fine with xorg 1.20 currently14:32
dlcusajue, frinnst: N/M, bad replay of history14:33
Romsteroh may have been updated since i updated xorg-server then14:35
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