IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-07-14

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pedjajaeger, what is GL_VENDOR on your glvnd system? mine is, somehow, Vmware Inc :)15:14
jaegerare you using virtualgl, maybe?15:22
pedjaI have virglrenderer lib installed, but mesa isn't built with virgl driver, afaict15:25
pedjathere is vmware driver, but I don't understand why it's used. hm15:33
pedjamy CPU has no iGPU15:35
jaegerMaybe that's just what shows up for software rendering15:36
jaegerI vaguely recall seeing llvmpipe and mesa stuff in the OpenGL output when that was the case15:36
frinnstI think it is, yeah. I remember vmware from early radeon days15:37
jaegerI'd forgotten the vmware part15:37
pedja'VMware, Inc. -- llvmpipe (LLVM 6.0, 128 bits)' <--that's what Firefox thinks its my GPU :)15:40
pedjaI wonder what is broken...15:42
pedjaheh. only EGL is nvidia15:48
pedja'failed to initialize glx module' in xorg.log. wth15:50
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pedjafsck, that was weird.16:06
pedjathe issue was all nvidia devices in '/dev' had root:root instead of root:video permissions16:07
pedjamost of the time when it happens, it's only nvidia_uvm that has wrong permissions, despite 90-nvidia-uvm.rules. now it was all of them :)16:24
pedjaand it's random. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.16:25
pedjathe joys of using out-of-tree kernel modules, I guess16:25
pedjathe good news is that it was not glvnd issue16:26
pedjaFirefox is sloooow with sw rendering, I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone16:31
jaegerI bet :/16:31
pedjamaybe is usable on 4+ core CPU, but on 2? nope :)16:33
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