IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-07-19

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frinnstoops the pulseaudio update broke abi15:41
frinnstodd that nobody has complained yet15:56
frinnstthe glibc update seems to have gone smooth though16:00
pedjafrinnst, you mean it broke alsamixer and friends?16:24
pedjain other news, I finally finished with Vulkan ports (thank you,
pedjaopenCL, otoh, is a mess (on anything apart from Nvidia)16:46
jaegerfrinnst: my pulse port is a bit behind so I hadn't seen it yet17:00
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frinnstsome linked stuff19:06
frinnstalsa-plugins libcanberra mpg123 spice-gtk on my desktop19:06
pedjaI forgot about that :)19:52
pedjawth are they linking to libpulsecommon-$version.so19:53
pedjaso they break on *every* update, major or minor19:54
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