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Romsterso i am on libglvnd stuff you provided jaeger10:18
Romsteri removed mesa3d mesa3d-32 nvidia-sl nvidia-sl-32 and gl-select then prt-get depinst the ports in crux-glvnd10:19
Romsterand i did rm the libGL_ file from /usr/lib/ and /usr/lib32/10:19
Romsteras that's left behind from gl-select10:20
Romsterbut still no glvnd shouldn't it just work transparently?10:20
Romster$ glxinfo10:20
Romstername of display: :010:20
RomsterError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig10:20
Romsteron kernel 4.9.9910:21
Romsterbut i am about to upgrade to 4.9.11310:21
Romster2d seems working but 3d/opengl is not10:25
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RomsterTestsuite summary for libglvnd 1.0.010:49
Romster# TOTAL: 1910:49
Romster# PASS:  1810:49
Romster# SKIP:  110:49
Romsterwell make check works10:49
Romsterbut steam wont start10:50
pedjaRomster, are you uing nvidia?10:51
Romsterfrom crux-glvnd10:52
Romstercurrently reading
Romsteri thaught this would just work10:58
pedjait worked for me OOTB. I don't know what is the issue for you, tbh11:05
Romsteranyhting else i need to configure or rebuild?11:06
Romsterglxgears don't show anything11:06
pedjapaste the glxinfo and Xorg.log11:07
RomsterFailed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:11
Romsterfile /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so11:12
Romsteruh what was that from.11:12
Romsterxorg-server has that file or should11:13
Romsterusr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ broken symbolic link to libglx_so_nvidia11:13
Romsterbloody left overs from gl-select11:14
Romsterrebuilding xorg-server and installing it over itself then i'll try11:15
pedjathat's why I ran 'gl-select use xorg' before removing it11:15
Romsteri should have but then i went and rm-ed the libGL_ somthing _so files thinking i'd be smart11:15
Romsterso i borked it11:16
Romstergl-select is evil :P11:17
pedjait's no more :)11:17
pedjaI had an issue recently when nvidia modules loaded, they were set to root:root instead of root:video. that was fun11:20
pedjabut it's random11:20
Romsteroh that worked11:20
Romsteridiot me not thinking to look in Xorg log11:21
Romsterthanks for the help11:21
Romsterfriday after work not all my brain cells are working11:21
Romstersteam works11:23
Romsternow to test the unthinkable steam in wine11:26
Romsterhow is your day pedja?11:26
pedjanot bad so far :)11:26
Romsterprobably 10am or something?11:27
pedja13:30 CET11:27
Romsterah afternoon11:27
Romsterthat low fps on wine hrmm, maybe i do need to look into vulkan11:31
Romsterwas like butter before11:31
pedjahow is wine using vulkan, anyway?11:37
pedjaI have vulkan ports, 64bit ones.11:37
jaegerI haven't used regular wine in quite some time but the PBA patched wine works great for me with glvnd11:37
jaegerglad you got it figured out, gl-select was a necessary evil before but I'm glad to be rid of it for these very reasons11:38
Romsteroh can you share them jaeger11:38
Romsteri am just in the process to write some.11:38
Romsternot sure why but switching to libglvnd trashed my fps on wine 32 bit11:39
pedjaPBA wine? is that a bleeding edge version, or something?11:41
Romsterit's wine-staging patches11:42
pedjaah, so wine-next?11:42
Romsterthat  haven't been polished enough to land in master11:42
jaegerIt's in my repo11:43
Romstersort of, they get cherry picked when they pass inspection, code formatting, if they don't break anything in the process11:43
Romsteri mean the vulkan stuff that pedja has.11:43
jaegerOh, sorry. I misread11:43
Romsteri should be more clear.11:44
jaegeryou said jaeger so I assumed you meant the pba stuff :)11:44
Romsteri am being vague again11:44
Romstermy mistake there lol11:44
jaegerall good11:44
Romstertired but i wanted to get glvnd working.11:45
pedjaRomster, step away from the computer and grab a beer :)11:45
Romsteris there a minimum kernel version for glvnd?11:45
pedjanot that I know of.11:46
Romster1 beer would probably knock me out at this stage11:46
Romsterfor tiredness11:46
Romsternot being drunk11:46
pedjahow large is the beer down under :) ?11:46
Romsternot large11:46
pedjaxorg-server was the main obstacle to getting glvnd to work properly. they took their sweet time with 1.2011:48
Romsteryeah now i remember11:49
Romsteri might mess with vulkan later and just relax so glad to kill off gl-select11:52
pedjanow, cleaning up the house, then making 32bit vulkan ports. yes, I live a glamorous life :)11:52
Romsteri see mpv and wine can use vulkan11:52
Romsterah nice11:52
Romsteri was starting on vulkan but i'll go get me a beer instead :P11:53
pedjaI'll ping you when I push them to bitbucket, if you like11:53
Romsterthanks pedja11:53
pedjafair warning, they are a bit messy still (upstream is still doing the transition from single to multiple repos)11:55
pedjasome parts of the stack are yet to have a proper release (glslang)11:55
pedjabut they do work for me[tm]11:56
Romsteri expected a bit of mess as long as it works12:18
pedjawith what do I check how well wine works with Vulkan?12:48
Romsteri dunno but i can give it a whirl13:01
Romsteri was just trying to play bejewelled 313:02
Romstermpv can use it to pedja  if you wanna rebuild mpv and try it13:03
pedjaRomster, I use vkquake to test vulkan usually, but I was wondering how to test wine explicitly13:04
Romstergrab a graphic demo to run in wine?13:05
pedjathat's a good idea13:10
Romsterseems i am less tired than mentally drained, and probably had some food coma thrown in from dinner.13:12
Romsteri was looking for vulkan in lfs but i don't think they have done any yet13:12
Romsterare you posting the ports somewhere so i can rebuild wine and mpv with it?13:19
pedjaI'll push them to bitbucket repo later13:19
Romstermuch appreciated13:21
Romsterone good thing glxgears-32 now works again.13:22
pedjaI do need an innocent victim^Wtester to try them :)13:22
Romsterlol oh so i am your guinea pig eh :P13:23
pedjasecond set of eyes never hurts13:23
pedjaI am thinking of pushing them to contrib at some point, so the more testing they get, the better13:26
jaegerI haven't tested the nvidia-32 port in the glvnd repo, works ok?13:27
Romsterwell at some point i'd like to link it in wine but not yet having it as a optional dependency be nice13:27
Romsterthe fps seems low and it makes bejewled 3 not that playable as before. but it does run jaeger13:27
Romsternot sure why the frame rate dropped13:28
jaegertried anything 64-bit? I wonder if there's a difference13:29
jaegerIt sounds like it works, at least, no complaints about gl contexts or stuff like that13:29
Romsterstarting starbound in native steam makes my cpu spike and low fps as well.13:29
Romsterit was playable before i swapped over to glvnd ports you provided jaeger13:30
Romsterhmm checking if starbound is 32 or 64bit13:30
jaegerI'm not at home currently so can't test but I'll try it this weekend and see if mine is slow, too13:31
Romsterit's 64bit13:32
Romsterit's like it's not offloading the calls to the gpu13:32
jaegerAs far as I know there should be no performance impact from glvnd13:33
Romsterwhat else could i do to try?13:33
jaegerSo I would suspect something else... but not 100% sure13:33
jaegerHow about native apps rather than wine?13:34
Romsterchecking my Xorg log13:34
jaegerphoronix benchmark or something, maybe13:34
Romster(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the GLX module; please check in your X13:35
jaegerAh, well, that doesn't sound promising :)13:36
Romsterwhy would that happen13:36
pedjacheck dev/nvidia devices13:36
pedjaare they root:root or root:video13:37
Romsteri am on kernel 4.9.9913:37
Romster'/dev/nvidia': No such file or directory13:37
Romsteri did rmmod nvidia_modesetting nvidia; depmod -a ; startx13:38
pedjaI'd suggest a full reboot (yeah, nvidia is weird that way)13:39
pedjanvidia modules have some issues with vanilla modprobe sometimes13:39
Romsterwell i am setup to boot kernel 4.9.113 so i'll rebuild nvidia for that after a reboot.13:39
Romstercrosses fingers13:40
pedjagood luck :)13:40
jaegerfrinnst: I ordered an RX 580 now that GPU prices are starting to be reasonable again13:48
jaegerNow I'll have something to test on the AMD side13:48
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pedjahow much over MSRP was it?13:50
jaeger$20 over13:51
Romstersame deal on kernel 4.9.113 and this is after a 3rd reboot after rebuilding nvidia for the new kernel13:55
jaegernvidia module is not loading?13:56
Romsteri've been eyeing a RX58013:56
Romsternvidia is loaded it just can't find GLX13:56
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Romsternvidia              14269303  72 nvidia_modeset13:56
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Romsteron lsmod13:56
jaegerDo any of your symlinks look wrong, like*,*, etc.?13:57
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Romster Xorg.0.log13:58
Romsterchecking that now13:58
jaegerI think the only ones with nvidia versioning should be libGLX_nvidia*, for example, and the libGLES ones14:00 and should only be the glvnd ones14:00
Romsteryeah those are correct14:03
jaegerdoes a basic 'glxinfo | grep OpenGL' work, even?14:04
Romsteri did remove the previous packages of nvidia-sl* and mesa3d* and gl-select before i depinst your new packages14:04
Romsterthe only derp i did was i nuked /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ as a invalid symlink14:04
Romsterbut since fixed that14:04
jaegerWhat if you run ldconfig -v and grep for the nvidia version?14:04
Romsterglxinfo | grep OpenGL |wgetpaste14:05
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
jaegerOK, that's software rendering fallback14:05
jaegerwhich explains why your wine test worked but was slower14:05
Romster[    58.305] (II) NVIDIA(0): [DRI2] Setup complete14:06
Romster[    58.305] (II) NVIDIA(0): [DRI2]   VDPAU driver: nvidia14:06
Romsterbut it does load that14:06
jaegerI don't have access to an nvidia system currently to compare but I suspect there's just something left over in the way14:06
Romsterwell atm i am running pkg-not over /usr/lib14:07
jaegertry that ldconfig suggestion, maybe, see if there's anything dangling14:07
Romsterand i see some files14:07
jaegeralso a good idea, yeah14:07
Romsterusr/lib/ usr/lib/
Romstercould that be the culprit14:07
Romsterdespite me removing the nvidia-sl package before installing your new nvidia one.14:08
Romsteri think pkg-not needs more work it seems to trip up on symlinks14:10
Romster/usr/lib/ symbolic link to
Romsterprt-get fsearch
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/crux-glvnd/nvidia14:11
Romsterso that's fine14:11
Romsternvidia-sl worked for me so what has changed in this nvidia.14:12
Romsteroh um could this be it i have a section for nvidia and i see this 10-nvidia-drm-outputclass.conf14:13
RomsterSection "Device"14:14
Romster    Identifier     "Device0"14:14
Romster    Driver         "nvidia"14:14
Romsterbut that is OutputClass and i've never used an OutputClass before in X14:15
Romsterzgrep CONFIG_DRM /proc/config.gz14:16
Romster# CONFIG_DRM is not set14:16
Romsteri'll enable that and rebuild my kernel14:18
jaegerI'd be surprised if you could do anything useful in X without CONFIG_DRM :)14:18
jaegerNot sure if the outputclass stuff is really needed, ran into it in a few docs14:18
Romsterit's been working14:18
jaegermostly for optimus, but it didn't seem to hurt anything14:18
Romsteror i missed up my new kernel config14:19
jaegerAs for what's changed, these nvidia ports were a complete rewrite14:19
Romsterbut i zcat /proc/config.gz > ./.config ; make silentoldconfig14:19
jaegerSome stuff ends up being in the same place as before but they weren't converted from the old versions14:19
Romsteri saw that, it was a bit of a mess before.14:19
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pedja'OpenGL vendor string: VMware, Inc.' <--yup, I've seen this before :)14:23
Romsteri clearly did not think this through as expecting to just install and it'll just work (tm)14:24
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pedjait did for me, more or less14:24
Romsterdoes this now mean that if a GPU is lacking a said function it'll go to mesa transparently?14:26
Romsterand be done in software14:26
Romsterit was ages when i even read about glvnd like years so it feels.14:26
jaegerI don't think it can be expected to be based on functions missing but rather whole glx support missing14:26
Romsteri was under the expectation that glvnd would fall back to software for missing features like say running dx12 on a dx11 gpu14:31
pedjabecause the user has no access to /dev/nvidia* devices <--that's what happened to me14:31
Romstertime to reboot again14:32
pedjaI wonder if qemu virglrenderer thingie will work now14:34
pedjain theory, glvnd should redirect it to mesa14:35
pedjaah. before I mess with wine and 32bit vulkan, I need to modify nvidia-sl-3214:41
jaegerRomster: I think that's mesa's job rather than glvnd but I'm not sure14:51
Romsteris back gotta love znc14:52
Romsterahh that fixed it14:53
Romsterkernel option DRM -_-14:53
Romsterwine works now to jaeger14:57
jaegerOK, I'll add something to a README for it14:58
Romsteri'll have a play around with the xorg conf stuff another day14:59
Romsteralso about gl-select use xorg before you pkgrm gl-select14:59
jaegerthat'll be taken care of in setup-helper, probably15:00
Romsteri see15:00
Romsterare we working on crux 3.5 already?15:00
Romsteror just made the branches so don't need to later on?15:00
jaegerdon't think so, just thinking ahead15:00
Romstercool i was thinking it's a bit to soon.15:01
Romsteri've so been wanting to try out glvnd for like ages15:02
Romsternow wayland is that even worth it yet? anyone done any testing.15:02
jaegerI tested wayland like 2 years ago... it was neat but not useful at the time. I've no idea what its current state is, though15:03
Romsterheck as advanced as i am doing with compositor is running compton for a few shadow effects and tint2 with some transparency on pekwm.15:03
jaegerDoes anyone have an optimus laptop with crux on it? I would love some more testing of glvnd with primus/bbswitch/bumblebee15:04
Romsteroh that would be awesome to test, i think i got 1 notebook that has dual intel/nvidia gpu.... i'll need to double check. the battery is shot but it'15:05
Romsterit'll work on power adaptor.15:05
Romstermy notebook i use now is a i5 but it's not dual gpu.15:06
Romsterdoes that mean we can kill off all them ways of switching GPU's on notebooks?15:07
Romsterbut then how do you go making a power profile on what programs use what GPU.15:09
jaegeryou'd still ned something like bumblebee/bbswitch for optimus laptops, but no more gl-select or worrying about symlinks15:24
jaegerIt works well on my xiaomi laptop with an mx 15015:25
jaegerBut I'm the only one testing it, I think15:25
Romsterah i'll see if i can find it tomorrow well later today it is tomorrow now15:25
Romsteri think i am over tired now. and should sleep. have a good day15:26
pedjahow is life in the future?15:26
jaegertake care15:26
Romsterit's wet and rainy in the future15:26
jaegerhot and dry here15:40
jaegerwell, humid... but not raining15:40
pedjaI suggest adding 'export ASFLAGS=--32' to 32bit portion of pkgmk.conf16:10
jaegerI have no objection, if it's needed. What breaks without it?16:18
pedjavulkan-loader-32. it's no big deal to add it to the Pkgfile, thou :)16:23
jaegerMaybe until we run into something else that needs it17:51
pedjafine with me, that was the only one that needed it. hardly a common use case :)18:05
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pedjathere are no separate 32bit nvidia-sl drivers, apparently. hm18:07
pedjawell, not from the 396.x series, anyway18:08
pedjathe full .run should have 32bit, well, bits18:09
pedjahm. there is no in it.18:43
pedja(xorg driver)18:43
pedjait looks like 390.x LTS will be the last to ship 32bit nvidia drivers18:57
pedja396.45 doesn't have any 32bit xorg stuff (nvidia_drv, libglx)18:58
crash_do i need to todo anything special to try out glvnd on intel graphics?19:28
pedjacrash_, so you are not using gl-select?19:36
pedja <--these ports?19:40
crash_i have not started to check that out yet, i just asked before i started to dig in to it19:40
pedjaclean-ish way would be to remove mesa3d, install liblgvnd, install mesa3d19:41
pedjaor just put that repo at the top of the prt-get.conf, and force install liblgvnd, since it will overwrite some mesa files19:42
pedjaand that should be it19:43
crash_i see :)19:44
pedjawell, force install liblgvnd and rebuild mesa3d :)19:44
crash_that sound like a plan actually19:45
pedjasince, I guess, you're not using gl-select, it should be that simple :)19:45
crash_is crux 3.5 gonna use glvnd as default? or is this just a test for a later date19:46
pedjathe more guinea pigs^Wusers try it, the more likely to end in 3.5 as default would be my guess. but, I am not a CRUX developer, so19:48
pedjaI've been using it without issues for a while now19:49
crash_yeah that is true, if no one is testing the quirks can't get sorted out either :P19:51
pedjait generally works on the desktop, afaik, and some brave soul should volunteer to try it on a laptop(hint, hint)19:58
crash_i only have a laptop so i think i need to be that brave soul some day :)20:02
jaegerI would like it to be default in 3.5, it is the proper way to go (tm)20:02
jaegerIt's working well on two nvidia desktops I have plus one optimus laptop, plus an intel GPU htpc20:03
jaegerAnd I will have an RX 580 to test soon20:04
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