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frinnstgood find00:08
jaegerWas frustrating at first due to lack of useful output00:29
jaegerglad to finally track it down, though00:30
Romsterpedja, glslang/glslang-32 are not using a version looks like just master/head. vulkan-sdk-32 lines 14-16 are covered by the .32bit in pkgmk.conf. line 13 has no quotation ASFLAGS="--32". (not sure why it needs 2 hyphens? As opposed to 1).01:10
Romsterpedja, is "rm -rf build" really necessary on vulkan-validation-layers/vulkan-validation-layers-32 ?01:10
Romstersource gets blown away on every pkgmk01:10
Romsterand finally i haven't gone over all the python ports i started looking at them yesterday and i'll bump meson shortly.01:13
Romsterand because you are not using a said version in glslang the .md5sum is now wrong01:15
Romster would be more preferable?01:20
Romsternamed archive01:27
Romsterhrmm using that version has no shared libs despite -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON01:36
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pedjaRomster, shared libs build was fixed recently, hence the use of master-tot ( master that survived CI tests, apparently)08:04
pedjabut I'll need to figure out something wrt constant .md5sum change08:04
pedja'rm --rf build' is an artefact from one the releases (they shipped the source with it). no longer needed, afaict08:05
pedjaas for 'ASFLAGS=--32', check the man page, that's how it's supposed to be :)08:07
pedjaignore 'vulkan-sdk-32', it was for the old, single upstream repo.08:15
pedjabtw, I built mpv with vulkan, but haven't tested it yet.08:17
pedjaRomster, speaking of mpv/ffmpeg, would you add the conditional build for libpulse to them?08:18
pedjalike you do for openssl/gnutls?08:18
Romstersure, i can't see why not.09:14
juejaeger: thanks, just committed an update09:14
Romsteri was wondering what the sdk was about09:14
pedjayeah, I forgot to clean that up :)09:15
pedjaI thought of making it a meta-port, but nah09:16
Romsterwell i used the same version as arch is for glslang and i am gonna try the shared library install commit on github.09:16
juejaeger: using NFS myself, but didn't see the problem because I'm using only nfsv4, which doesn't require rpcbind IIRC09:16
pedjaI wonder if I can use bitbucket to host the rolled git tarballs somehow09:19
pedjaglslamg, shaderc (required for mpv vulkan support)09:20
pedjawell, required for non-nvidia, anyway09:20
Romstergonna try mpv with vulkan09:28
Romsterdo i have to tell it to use a different backend? i got it using vdpau currently.09:28
pedja'--vo=gpu --gpu-api=vulkan' should work09:30
Romsterany chance you can add httpup git or rsync support to that vulkan collection?09:32
pedjasure, I just need to figure out how :)09:34
Romsteralso what is for? and that var hasn't got quotation marks on it and i see all but nvidia go to /usr/share wonder if nvidia or the other two need to me moved in there respective ports.09:38
pedjaRomster, vulkaninfo was broken few releases ago, it crashed if it detected 32bit libraries. so, to test, I sourced, and ran it.09:42
pedjanow it just warns about it09:42
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pedjawrt nvidia icd, both 'etc/vulkan' and 'usr/share/vulkan' icd.d directories are valid, but the former is owned by mesa3d port. best to keep it separate, imho09:45
pedjabtw, I had to add 'spirv-compiler=nvidia' to get video to work (with 396.x driver)09:47
pedjait won't work with shaderc. not that I am surprised :)09:47
Romsterso by rights nvidia should be not installing to /etc/vulkan/icd.d/nvidia_icd.json but to /usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/09:49
Romsterjaeger,  thoughts? ^09:50
pedjasorry, when I said 'former' I meant 'latter' (the second one?) (english is hard...)09:50
Romsterhrmm i think nvidia could go in the same spot ad mesa puts it.09:53
Romsteri see arch puts it in usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/nvidia_icd.json09:53
Romstermaybe a moot point as both paths are valid.09:54
Romsteri just like consistency09:54
Romsternice work pedja do i need to do much to mpv? you got to add extea ports <pedja> glslamg, shaderc (required for mpv vulkan support)09:55
Romsterso extra stuff for non-nvidia use on intel and radeon?09:56
pedjampv auto-detects them09:56
Romsteri have a feeling so does wine09:56
Romsteri can't see any linked libs to vulkan ports09:56
Romstermust be dynaload09:57
pedjawell, wine built vulkandll automagically, iirc09:57
Romsterbut how can i check that mpv is indeed using it, and wine?09:57
pedjampv links up, if that's what you mean?09:59
pedjafor wine, I am not sure, haven't played with it yet10:00
pedjathere is a lib in usr/lib/wine10:02
Romstermpv should only need vulkan-loader10:42
Romsterpedja, ffmpeg now has pulseaudio support if pulseaudio is installed before ffmpeg10:45
Romstermpv should just pick up on ffmpeg for pulseaudio10:45
Romsterwell mpv has --disable-pulse     disable PulseAudio audio output [autodetect]10:47
Romsterso it should work as is10:47
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pedjathank you11:04
Romsterso i change "--hwdec=vdpau --vo=vdpau" to "--vo=gpu --gpu-api=vulkan" should i be keeping --hwdec=vdpau ?11:21
Romsterpedja, i also added contrib/rubberband if you want try that out on mpv to prevent desync of audio and video11:23
pedjaRomster, you can, but, if I am reading the docs correctly, it won't be used with vulkan backend11:25
Romsterright so hopefully vulkan can use acceleration?11:29
Romsteror it does not need vdpau and such as vulkan does this already?11:30
Romsteri know vdpau hasn't had much love in ages.11:30
Romsteras in not got any updates11:30
pedjanvencode/nvdecode are a new hotness (
pedjabut the d/l requires registration11:33
pedjafree, thou11:33
Romsterwhat's on the radeon and intel side of this?11:33
pedjathat vaapi thingie?11:34
pedjahere is a nice list
Romsterah yeah vaapi vdpau and now that nvencode/nvdecode, wonder what nouveau offers and if it's even good enough for 3d yet.11:37
pedjain my (limited) testing, vulkan backend is about the same as vdpau, most of the time.11:38
pedjahaven't tested x265 encoded video yet11:38
pedjaon my low-end CPU/GPU, anyway11:39
pedjabut it's early days, still11:40
Romsteryeah lots of room for improvement. just trying to understand what you know.11:46
pedjanot a lot, tbh :)11:58
Romsterwell what you've done so far with vulkan is nice. saved me a bunch of work.12:00
pedjawell, I was doing it out of curiosity, but why not share :)12:01
Romsterthat's what i like12:02
jaegerjue: I should probably switch to nfs v4 at some point, just haven't looked into it much at all14:36
jaegerRomster: if it works in either place, I don't care. Just installed it based on
pedjathey are both in the Vulkan spec, so :)15:01
pedja'"/etc/vulkan/icd.d" Location of ICDs installed from non-Linux-distribution-provided packages'15:06
pedjawhich nvidia installer is, despite the repackaging15:09
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