IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-07-24

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jaegeranyone else getting this footprint mismatch with libepoxy currently?
jaegerjust changing perms, looks like01:49
jaegerumask is the usual 002201:49
darfoi have the same umask, 0022, but didn't get the mismatch:
jaegerhrmm, weird02:26
jaegerUnfortunately this is happening on my ISO builder so it stops the build :/02:26
darfofwiw, i also built it again in my docker build environment and it worked without a mismatch too02:35
jaegeryeah, I'm waiting for it to finish in a container to see02:35
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juejaeger: yeah, got the same mismatch06:45
juejaeger: 'works' with meson 0.46.0, guess they fixed a bug in 0.47.1 cause group-write isn't what I would expect as the default06:46
juejaeger: probably related, I had a 'chmod g-w' in the fuse3 port which isn't necessary with meson 0.47.107:45
frinnstwe will hopefully get kvm access to soon'ish10:51
frinnstwe bought a kvm card for it but its never been connected to anything11:20
frinnstour hoster has a vpn network that we can use to connect to it, but he's been too busy to do the work11:21
prologici c11:39
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jaegerjue: good to know. I can't do much to test or change it right now as I'm in the middle of a move and my hardware is split between two locations, one of which no longer has internet access :)15:25
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