IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-07-25

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Romsterjaeger, i fixed libeproxy12:21
frinnstRomster: is there a new x264 version or something available? im having trouble adding x264 support to freerdp13:42
frinnstwhich seems required for usable rdp 10.0 support13:42
pedjaI've been using x264 snapshots from for a while, with no issues13:44
pedjafrinnst, freerdp2?13:44
frinnstI build from git13:45
pedjayeah, me too. remmina and freerdp13:46
pedjafrinnst, are you getting ' "X264 backend not implemented, please review your configuration!"' error with freerdp?14:05
pedjathis is 2.0.0-rc214:06
jueRomster: you are using libunbound?14:07
jaegerRomster: ok14:09
pedjafrinnst, freerdp builds with ffmpeg and openh264 enabled, but breaks with x26415:09
pedjahm. looks like x264 is now used indirectly, thru ffmpeg15:22
pedja'/gfx:AVC444' is required for Windows10/Server 2016, apparently15:34
pedjaor any rdp10 machine15:36
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groovy2shoesit would be useful for `pkginfo -o $FOO` to finish with `EXIT_FAILURE` if no owner for $FOO is found (and probably also useful for it to write the message stating as such to stderr rather than stdout)19:17
groovy2shoesnothing that can't be worked around in a script, but it would be convenient  :)19:27
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