IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-07-26

rmullRomster: ping, contrib/{tcl,tk} can both be bumped 8.6.6 -> 8.6.801:56
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frinnstpedja: could you get freerdp to find ffmpeg?08:07
pedjafrinnst, it pick it up fine at configure stage, afaict08:08
pedja'xfreerdp /buildconfig' confirms that, 'WITH_FFMEG=ON'08:11
frinnstWITH_FFMPEG=OFF not here08:12
frinnstmanually foring it: Could NOT find FFmpeg (missing: AVRESAMPLE_FOUND)08:12
frinnstpackage ffmpeg is installed08:13
frinnstah right, there are lots of ifs in the ffmpeg build08:13
pedja <--part of the build log08:14
frinnstdoes it find libavresample ?08:15
frinnstshould be just above what you pasted08:16
pedjajust libavcodec/avutil, no mention of resample. but this is rc2, let me try master08:18
frinnstah thought you used master08:18
pedjaI did, but remmina breaks with, so I switched back08:20
pedjayou are right master looks for resample and breaks08:21
frinnstconfirmed. thanks!08:24
pedjaah. libavresample is deprecated, so that's why it isn't built by default08:45
pedjasorry, ffmpeg devs, not everyone is moving at your speed :)08:46
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frinnstGCC 8.2 Released12:41
frinnstcrux 3.5? :-)12:41
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jaegerseems like gcc's moving pretty quickly these days13:37
pedjano more releases planned in 7.x series?13:38
pedjaif you bump only gcc, shouldn't it be crux-3.4.1 :) ?13:42
pedjayou need more goodies to warrant minor number bump13:43
nomiusRomster, Workster, can you check if this fixes chromium?:
nomiusBrave was experiencing the same back on chromium 6618:10
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