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Worksterjue, i am using a older version currently of unbound, i see them missing dependency errors because i got a dedicated machine i build packages with. with prtverify checking as well.01:47
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Worksternomius, ok i'll try that but that's not the same error i was seeing.03:05
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jaegerfrinnst: xorg driver or amdgpu for the rx 580?18:38
frinnstunless you mean the pro thingy18:45
frinnstunsure if you might need newer firmware than whats in opt/linux-firmware18:45
jaegerI didn't realize that amdgpu WAS the xorg driver :)18:50
jaegerI'm not going to mess with the pro one unless I have to18:50
jaegeryes, some firmware is needed that linux-firmware doesn't contain. Will look into it in a bit19:05
jaegerEr, maybe it does contain the file but I need to build it into my kernel image19:06
jaegeryeah, it's needing basically everything that starts with "polaris10"19:58
jaegerI've just been adding them and rebuilding, then rebooting, rather than adding them all, out of curiosity20:00
jaegereach one added generates a bit more garbage on the display at boot :)20:00
pedja'amdgpu/polaris10_{ce,k_smc,mc,me,mec2,mec,pfp,rlc,sdma1,sdma,smc,smc_sk,uvd,vce}.bin', according to Gentoo wiki. damn, that's a lot :)20:26
jaegerYeah, had to add them all, now it boots properly20:26
jaegerdoes the kernel config support that expansion syntax?20:26
jaegerThat would be nice if so20:26
jaegerCONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="amdgpu/polaris10_ce_2.bin amdgpu/polaris10_ce.bin amdgpu/polaris10_k_smc.bin amdgpu/polaris10_mc.bin amdgpu/polaris10_me_2.bin amdgpu/polaris10_me.bin amdgpu/polaris10_mec2_2.bin amdgpu/polaris10_mec_2.bin amdgpu/polaris10_mec2.bin amdgpu/polaris10_mec.bin amdgpu/polaris10_pfp_2.bin amdgpu/polaris10_pfp.bin amdgpu/polaris10_rlc.bin amdgpu/polaris10_sdma1.bin20:27
jaegeramdgpu/polaris10_sdma.bin amdgpu/polaris10_smc.bin amdgpu/polaris10_smc_sk.bin amdgpu/polaris10_uvd.bin amdgpu/polaris10_vce.bin"20:27
pedjaafaict, nope, no expansion20:27
jaegerah, ok20:27
jaegerI did already try amdgpu/polaris10* but that didn't work either20:28
pedjaI am curios. why embed fw in the kernel? can't the module load it from the disk?20:29
jaeger <-- glxinfo output looks ok20:30
frinnstyou could just build the drm driver as a module20:30
jaeger~10k fps in glxgears20:30
frinnstno need to include the firmwares - gets loaded in userspace instead20:30
jaegeryeah, you can build it as a module, I just built it all in so that the EFI FB would come up without waiting20:30
jaegerthough it's still slow to do so20:30
pedjafrinnst, amdgpu driver as a module?20:31
jaegeroddly, nvidia cards seem to make the grub menu very slow, but the RX 580's grub menu is fast20:31
jaegeralways a trade somewhere :)20:31
pedjawhat's the rx580 competition from nvidia? 1060, 1070?20:32
jaeger1060, I think20:32
pedjawell, jaeger, which game will you use to test rx580 with?20:34
pedjacomparing vulkan performance would be interesting, apparently AMD has an edge there20:36
jaegerI think the only thing I have handy there is blizzard games currently, will have to get wine or something else added there20:37
jaegerinteresting... wow in wine-pba works fine in an emulated desktop but if it's fullscreen it won't update the screen unless I switch to another desktop and back20:45
frinnstbtw whats the plan with the nvidia/mesa3d stuff? we are 2 versions behind20:49
jaegerI'd definitely like to move over to the glvnd setup, personally21:00
pedjaACTION is not going back to gl-select21:05
pedjaafaik, it was tested on nvidia, intel and AMD, without issues21:08
pedjajust be sure to mention running 'gl-select use xorg' before switching to it :)21:08
pedja30pt flaming red warning in the README should do it21:10

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