IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-07-28

frinnstyeah Im all for it01:19
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jaegerbought a couple of power outlets with usb ports, I love little things like that :)02:55
jaegerpedja: installed steam and tested Bioshock Infinite and Else Heart.Break(), both ran very well04:17
juefrinnst: right, we should go ahead with the glvnd/mesa change, as I already said some days ago I'm for it06:25
jueACTION is waiting for jaeger to push the new stuff ;)06:26
Romsteri am for it as well working fine for me06:26
Romsteri would suggest adding gl-select use xorg to pre-install06:27
Romsterand rm the lib_so_... files that gl-select created backups of06:28
Romsterand a README of that and DRM kernel option must be on for autodetection to work.06:28
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