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pedjahot shower, in theory, helps to get rid of the body heat and cool down. the caveat is that only somewhat works when it's dry heat00:09
pedjahigh humidity? doesn't really matter, in my experience. all hail the AC!00:10
pedjait is 'fun' when its 30+C at 2 in the morning, like it was last summer00:11
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jaegerheh, I set a cup of ice water down next to the sensor for grins... gone down about 4c already02:57
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pitillo_hey, xorg-xorgproto and xorg-damageproto are installing the same file damagewire.h12:51
pitillo_is this expected? I've seen it doing a depinst of mate on the rpi312:51
Romsterpitillo_, xorg-damageproto has been removed. pkgrm xorg-damageproto13:02
Romsterand reinstall xorg-xorgproto13:02
pitillo_ummm same with composite... thanks for the hint Romster13:58
pitillo_jaeger: not sure if someone reported that to you, but probably mate deps need a fix if you have some time13:59
jaegerpitillo_: are your MATE ports up to date?14:04
jaeger$ prt-get depends mate | grep -i proto14:04
jaeger[i] xorg-xorgproto14:04
jaeger[i] xorg-xcb-proto14:04
jaegerno xorg-damageproto14:04
pitillo_jaeger: they should... I've got the httpup file from scratch17:54
pitillo_got it from this repo, is this wrong?17:56
jaegernope, that should be ok. where does the xorg-damageproto dep come in?18:21
pitillo_could be possible to came from mesa3d?18:42
jaegerI don't think so18:43
jaeger$ prt-get depends mesa3d | grep -i proto18:43
jaeger[i] xorg-xorgproto18:43
jaeger[i] xorg-xcb-proto18:43
jaegerIf you run a prt-get deptree on it from your system, what do you get?18:44
pitillo_jaeger: the problem is in xorg-arm overlay. mesa depending in xorg-libxdamage and got that result on the overlay18:56
pitillo_sorry for the noise and thak you very much for checking18:57
pitillo_I'll review the overlay this weekend18:57
jaegerno worries, good to track these things down19:00
jaegerLooks like the xorg-arm repo needs the update that Romster linked earlier19:00
pitillo_yeah... both overlays need some love (opt and xorg). I've put hands on they toys today, but not many time until the next week (holidays)19:11
jaegerwoot, got my sensor sending data into a database. simple steps but haven't had a lot of time22:28
jaegertempsensor=# select ts, round(temp_c, 1) as temp_c, round(temp_c * 9/5 + 32, 1) as temp_f, round(hum_p, 1) as hum_p from tempdata;22:28
jaeger         ts          | temp_c | temp_f | hum_p22:28
jaeger 2018-08-02 17:27:09 |   38.6 |  101.5 |  35.322:28
jaeger 2018-08-02 17:28:09 |   38.6 |  101.5 |  35.322:28

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