IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-08-05

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frinnst=======> Installing '/usr/ports/pkg/glibc#2.28-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.11:42
frinnstlets see what breaks11:43
frinnstwow gcc 8.2 takes forever to build12:14
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frinnstlist of failed ports with gcc 8.2, glibc 2.28:
frinnstsome are probably download errors and stuff like that19:01
jaegerthat's a fair-sized list but not terrible, I guess19:02
frinnstnot sure why firefox-pa failed. another try and it built fine20:03
frinnstefivar: cc1: all warnings being treated as errors20:03
jaegerIt failed because F YOU20:03
jaegerIt doesn't need a real reason, it's a browser :D20:03
frinnstelfutils: cc1: all warnings being treated as errors20:05
frinnst=======> ERROR: File '/usr/ports/pkg/libidn#1.35-1.pkg.tar.xz' is not writable.20:06
frinnstetc etc :-)20:06
frinnstlots of false positives20:06
jaegerat least those are better than tough problems20:07
frinnstyeah thats just a permission error. seems like i built it as root last time20:07
frinnstim running all this on my desktop so no clean environment20:07
pedjahaven't jumped to docker bandwagon yet :) ?20:12
frinnstim oldschool!20:15
frinnsttheres no better test than running in prod! :)20:15
pedja'warnings being treated as errors' comes from gcc side? compiler is more strict?20:19
frinnstdunno havent looked into it yet20:20
frinnstmight be the ports that are strict20:20
frinnstgzip seems to need a new gnulib copy. complains about not being ported to this platform :-)20:22
frinnstnothig seems too serious. all so far should be easily fixed20:32
nomiusIf anyone has contacts with tek, please let him know that openvpn and libseccomp man pages are pointing to /usr/man instead of /usr/share/man23:23
nomiusjaeger: containerd is way outdated23:44
jaegeryep, but it's exactly where it needs to be for docker23:48
jaegerdocker likes very specific commits of containerd, runc, tini, etc.23:49
nomiusOh, ok. Thank you!23:55

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