IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-08-06

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jaegerare we officially starting to remove .md5sum from signed ports now?15:59
frinnstwe havent really talked about it :)16:00
jaegerfair enough16:00
frinnstI removed them from a couple of ports to see if anyone would notice16:00
frinnstand nobody did except for you when you tried to build a iso :)16:00
jaegerkilled the hung cruxbot process, should be back soon16:08
jaegeroh, it probably can't join the channel, heh16:19
frinnstmaybe try without +r for a while?16:47
jaegerOK by me, we can turn it back on if the spam starts again16:47
jaegerthey're still going17:12
jaegerHow does this look for a pre-install to add to the nvidia and nvidia-sl ports for the glvnd switch?
pedjalooks good to me. I wanted to suggest that the message be in 30pt screaming red, but even that is not the guarantee that the people will read it :)20:17
jaegerI could make it sleep for 10 seconds after printing or something but even so, people might just fire a sysup and go AFK or something20:25
pedjanah. just send the e-mail to the ml mentioning that20:27
pedjathe ones that miss it or don't bother to read it will come to irc anyway :)20:28
jaegerindeed :)20:29
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frinnstrebooting a new kernel22:46
frinnstthunderbird 60.0 - more rust joy22:56
frinnstNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin23:07
frinnstuh it built firefox instead of thunderbird :D23:07

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