IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-08-16

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juefrinnst: I saw that you haven't committed to core lately, just wondering if there is a reason for it? ;)10:59
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frinnstjue nah just very busy17:45
frinnstand you always beat me to it :)17:45
jaegerThat's the main reason I don't do much in core, usually it's done already when I see it :)17:49
juesorry :)18:25
jaegerI don't mind, personally, but if you want one of us to take on more of the updates, just say so and I'll do what I can :)18:27
juethanks, but it's not a problem at all, was just curious18:37
juebtw, do you know what happened with tek? don't seen him a long time and he doesn't respond to a email I sent him18:39
jaegerI don't know, sorry :/ I saw one or two email bounces to his address18:41
juehmm, not a good sign18:46
jaegerI hope he's ok, just busy18:47
jaegerjue: unrelated, have you considered putting i3 into contrib?18:57
jaegerIt's in a bunch of personal repos but no central one18:57
jaegerI may have already asked you that, sorry if I did19:22
jaegerI'm old and can't remember things :P19:22
frinnstjue i remember we changed the ck4up cronjob to run later in the day just because you always did all the updates19:43
frinnstyou still run it early locally, right? :D19:44

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