IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-08-18

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frinnstI did a core commit! :D20:34
frinnstfor once you didnt beat me to it jue :D20:35
frinnstfirefox 62 is up to beta 1820:37
frinnstI think thats a record20:37
pedjaisn't that the version with dns over https, or whatever its called? using cloudflare for dns?20:39
frinnstif you enable it, yeah20:39
pedjaso it isn't enabled by default :) ?20:40
frinnstah, it might have been actually20:40
frinnstwas so long ago that I started using 62b I forget20:41
pedjafrinnst, did you manage to build freerdp master?20:41
frinnstNo I havent done anything with freerdp since we last spoke about it20:42
pedjaffmpeg port needs to enable build of a deprecated library, iirc20:43
pedjathe one freerdp complains about20:43
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