IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-08-19

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juegood morning :)08:44
Romstermorning jue chat08:45
juebtw, I saw that we remove the .md5sum's step by step, objections if I remove them in one go from our official repos?08:49
RomsterI was thinking this way we can tell what never gets updated so it can be dropped? But there are other ways to see that history.08:52
Romsteron another note, why is tek and alan not active and why are mostly alan's ports quality lower than anyone else?08:54
Romsterand i guess at this stage sepen is out08:54
juedunno what happens with tek and alan but sepen no longer a maintainer, he wrote that to the ML a long time ago09:18
Romsteri must of missed that ML about sepen.09:22
Romsterif you want to purge the .md5sums from the core opt xorg compat-32 through go for it.09:28
Romsteri don't see a big rush09:28
jueme neither09:36
frinnstyeah I never saw that email from sepen either11:45
juewell, found nothing in the ML archives, maybe I dreamt that :)11:56
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jaegerNo objections to removing them, go ahead if you like15:09
jaegerAlan has responded to some of my emails, maybe we should ask him if he's active still15:10
jaegerno idea what's up with tek, though15:10
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