IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-08-21

pitillofrinnst: I'm still using it without upgrading... and it's now working as expected (some strange segfaults)11:07
frinnston 3.3?11:08
frinnstouch. you should upgrade :)11:08
pitilloI'm on the way... some devices yet (samsung chromebook, orangepi pc and cubieboard 1)11:09
pitillochromebook and the cubieboard are still using E, but on the chromebook, due to kernel limitations, I moved to mate (on the way too for 64b on the rpi3)11:10
frinnstworth considering13:11
frinnstI assume you need to disable that stuff in imagemagick policy.xml?13:15
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juefrinnst: no idea, but the report looks indeed serious14:27
jue... and a bit confusing ;)14:31
pedjaisn't that bug mostly relevant for web servers that convert user submitted content?14:52
pedjaas in 'random shit' :) ?14:55
pedjaopenSUSE already disables a bunch of coders
pedjaI do wonder how many people actually use postscript and pdf coders.15:08
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