IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-08-22

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frinnst19 betas?08:47
pedjaI wonder if tek would mind if I update his contrib/feh port, it's pretty old at this point10:32
frinnstgo ahead12:13
frinnstif he gets mad, good. then we'll know hes alive12:14
pedjais xorg xpresent extension deprecated/dropped or something?12:43
pedjanew xfce compositor can use either that or libepoxy12:44
frinnstwhy? quite possible we never had a port for it12:44
pedjafor VSYNC support12:46
pedjalast section in
pedjabut the last commit to libXpresent git repo was 2 years ago, afaict12:48
pedjaI've been using it with libepoxy(OpenGL) fo a while now, no more tearing with Nvidia binary12:49
pedjaxfce 4.13 is pretty stable. some minor issues, nothing serious/annoying12:51
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pedjafrinnst, imlib2 is at 1.5.1 now14:31
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frinnstthanks, seems its missing from my ck4up18:43
frinnstfucking sourceforge rss feeds including a <pubDate>19:00
jaegersorry, I've had no internet connection for 3 days, so if anyone needed me, apologies for that19:46
jaegerNo, outage :/21:50
frinnstowie. you do most of your work from home, right? how does that work?21:55
jaegerNot well, for the last few days. I have data tethering on both my work and personal phones, but it's not stable enough to be really effective. Our VPNs hate it and drop every few minutes22:00
frinnsti can imagine22:00
jaegervery annoying22:00
jaegerRomster: adding this patch ( to gpm will get it to compile again (maybe it's the same one mentioned on the ML, I didn't look)22:58
jaegergpm 1.20.6, that is. I didn't test 1.20.722:58
jaegerlooks like tek just updated feh (though without .signature), I guess he's still alive23:08
pedjaso 'update his port without asking, if he gets mad, he is still alive' tactic actually worked :)23:10
frinnst=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:23:10
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/feh#2.27.1-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.23:10
frinnstoh it wasnt you pedja?23:10
pedjanot this time23:10
frinnstyay he's alive!23:10

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