IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-08-24

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jueFYI, did some work on OrphanedPorts, yasm and wireless-tools are maintained by our System Team maintainer now because both are on our ISO10:28
jueplease have a look on list, particularly on those port marked with an '*'10:30
juewould be nice if we could shrink the list a bit ;)10:30
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jueanother FYI, just removed the md5sum's from core, opt and xorg10:41
frinnstdie die die!11:26
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frinnsthmm prt-get segfaults with my new toolchain when ctrl+c'ing it18:16
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frinnstseems like its still ongoing18:29
frinnstI hope that person gets a job real soon18:29
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