IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-08-28

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frinnstjue I know you are away but:
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jaegermoving bot chat here17:38
jaegerI notice a lot of failed module stuff in the error log17:38
jaegerMaybe those are old, not sure17:40
jaegernot timestamped :/17:40
jaegerInteresting... the bot log shows that it did try to notify for all 4 commits where only 2 showed up17:41
jaeger>>1535474652.21PRIVMSG #crux :[contrib.git/3.4]: docker: updated to version 18.06.1-ce17:41
jaeger>>1535474652.82PRIVMSG #crux :[contrib.git/3.4]: containerd: updated to version 468a54517:42
jaeger>>1535474653.18PRIVMSG #crux :[contrib.git/3.4]: runc: updated to version 69663f017:42
jaeger>>1535474653.72PRIVMSG #crux :[contrib.git/3.4]: go: updated to version 1.1117:42
jaegersame for the two nvidia commits, I see both in the bot's raw log17:46
jaegeralso interesting: all the modules look like this, permissions-wise:17:51
jaeger---------- 1 root root  4041 Nov  5  2016 xkcd.py17:51
jaegerThat seems like something that would have to have been done intentionally17:52
jaegerI don't think that's related, just noticed it17:58
jaegerAnyway, not sure what to think of the missed messages17:59
frinnstyeah I think tek did that when i set it up20:00
frinnstwhen you start it up the log isnt pretty20:00
pedjaRomster, you might want to update contrib/cpuid, 20180519 is the latest version20:07
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