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Romsterjue, i'm using krb5 for libsoup libreoffice openjdk811:41
frinnstwhat breaks if your remove/disable ldap?11:44
frinnstI dont have a good test env for that. Cant break my work pc :)11:45
frinnstjue: I get a signature missmatch on the ghostscript tarball12:28
juefrinnst: thx, once again a silent tarball update14:12
juenothing important, the diff is here ->
jueRomster: would be nice if you could test what breaks w/o ldap14:16
frinnstsilent updates are evil14:20
jueI'd say we can live without zstd support in libarchive?16:26
jue... a new version of libarchive is out, fixing several security issues16:28
pedjaI've been using it (3.3.3dev) for a while now, no issues, afaict16:31
pedjaah, the official one is out. I rolled my own from git master16:34
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jaegerwe already have zstd for something else, right? btrfs maybe?18:54
pedjalibarchive will build with zstd if it detects it on rebuild anyway19:10
pedjait's pretty impressive, zstd. Good job, Facebook :)19:12
pedjaeven zfs developers are planning on adding it, iirc19:13
frinnstyea, btrfs19:46
frinnstjust wish grub would support it. iirc there are patches out there19:46
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pedjaopenSUSE grub2 has a bunch of btrfs patches, but I don't think zstd is one of them20:20
pedjait's mostly 'boot from btrfs subvolume', afaik20:20
pedjaor snapper snapshot20:21
frinnstthat already works with upstream20:25
frinnstand a snapshot is just a subvolume so that works too \o/20:26
frinnstI should automate that so I have, say, a week old snapshot ready in grub20:26
frinnstjust a generic name should do the trick. right now my snapshots are named after the date & time20:27
frinnsthuh. found an old snapshot from may of /20:28
frinnstthat should free up some space20:29
frinnstPkgfile: line 15: ./configure: No such file or directory20:30
frinnstfuck gnomes 2.38 library branches20:30
frinnstnew branches rather. not specific to a version20:31
pedjawhat are you building?20:37
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frinnstits alive!22:18
teK_also, it comes at night!22:21
jaegerwelcome back22:31
teK_you dont happen to be in colorado in the mid of september, dont you?22:35
Romstermpc-1.0.3-mpfr-4.0.0.patch is not used in core/libmpc anymore22:47
Romsterwb teK_22:47
jaegerteK_: me? no, though I wouldn't mind being there, nicer weather than here :P23:13
teK_yeah. Figured, it would be nice to visit the rockies in autumn ;)23:16
jaegerI was there in september a few years ago, was great23:18
teK_sweet. Now we still need to figure out how to rent (according to locals: buy and sell again) two bikes :P23:19
jaegerI'd be really surprised if you couldn't rent somewhere23:21
teK_it's a question of pricing23:21
teK_we were told to buy some for e.g. 1400USD, ride them for a week and sell them for 1400 again :P23:21
jaegerdepends on if it's difficult to sell them at the end of the week23:22
teK_yes, similar things are true for the paper work, I dont intend to run erands in the short time in the US23:23
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